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EXPLORE ART: DIY Coloring Sheets

By Myjoneses
Coloring goes over big in my house.  Cy will sometimes color/ draw pictures for hours on end.  I am a big supporter of everyday art with children, including making art in some way everyday with them and using everyday materials.  I don't mind using coloring books for art expression.  But they do come with limitations, most importantly limiting expression and creativity to the picture at hand. 
EXPLORE ART: DIY coloring sheetsSo why don't you make your own.  Cy started this project today after Sage got into a big bucket of 101 cookie cutters.  Using cookie cutters to trace outlines make your own coloring sheets.  Your child can determine the subject matter, the composition and how they will color the shapes. 
EXPLORE ART: DIY coloring sheets
EXPLORE ART: DIY coloring sheetsCy made his own "chickens" using a duck cookie cutter, adding the legs and crown.  He also added a few flowers that he then went back in and colored each petal.
EXPLORE ART: DIY coloring sheets
EXPLORE ART: DIY coloring sheets
EXPLORE ART: DIY coloring sheetsWhile he finished up his chicken picture I arranged car, truck, plane, house and tree cookie cutters for a cityscape coloring sheet.  Add in a few extras when your done tracing the cutter shapes, markings for grass, a road, clouds and the sun for your child to color in.  Or leave it up to them what they'd like to add to the picture when they color it.
As we worked on our DIY cookie cutter coloring sheets Sage entertained himself by sitting on the floor in a big pile of the shape we weren't using putting the empty bucket over his head.  A win for everyone this afternoon!
Keep it simple art doesn't always have to be an elaborate project.  Let your child explore daily the endless opportunities for self expression and creativity- no matter the materials they use.EXPLORE ART: DIY coloring sheetsSubscribe in a reader

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