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Explore Art: DIY Chunky Melted Crayons

By Myjoneses
This project has been done before, and I'm sure you've seen tutorials all over the internet.  But to be a true craft, art or family blog- you've got to have this, it's kids fun 101.   So here we go:
Melted Chunky CrayonsExplore Art: DIY Chunky Melted CrayonsI love this DIY crayon project, I've used it in several ways through the past 4 1/2 years as a mom.  This year we made chunky, muffin tin crayons for Cy's Pre-K class Christmas presents.  It's an easy project, great way to use up broken pieces of crayons and kids can help.
Explore Art: DIY Chunky Melted CrayonsYou need crayons, muffin tin and your oven.  You can save up and use all broken pieces that accumulate over time.  Cy has actually been taking really good care of his crayons and Sage hasn't gotten into to many- so I got out some boxes of Crayolas from September when they were 20 cents.
Explore Art: DIY Chunky Melted Crayons
Explore Art: DIY Chunky Melted CrayonsPeel the paper wrapped off all the crayons.  You can use scissors to slice down the side and get them off easier.  Note if you use you're husbands pocket knife and he tells you its sharp, chances are it is.  Nice little knick out of my thumb, don't worry I didn't use that crayon! 
Once they are peeled break them into little pieces, anywhere from an inch to three inches.  This part I let Cy do and he had a lot of fun.Explore Art: DIY Chunky Melted Crayons
Explore Art: DIY Chunky Melted Crayons Preheat the oven to 275 and drop the crayon pieces into the muffin tins.  Your choice if you want different shades of blue in one or a little of everything like we did.  Fill almost to the top.  Explore Art: DIY Chunky Melted CrayonsOnce they are all filled pop the muffin tin into the oven for 8 to 10 minutes until you can see all the crayons are melted.Explore Art: DIY Chunky Melted Crayons
Explore Art: DIY Chunky Melted CrayonsWhen they came out melted Cy took a BBQ skewer and swirled the tops.  This is optional.  Either set them aside to cool or put in the fridge/ freezer to speed up the process.Explore Art: DIY Chunky Melted CrayonsAnd there you have it.... a dozen chunky melted crayons!These are fun for any kids to use but really great for little kids.  It's easier for them to hold on to, helps with hand coordination.So we're not quite done with our DIY Christmas Class presents we still have to think of how to wrap them but stay tune and I'll let you know.......  Explore Art: DIY Chunky Melted CrayonsSubscribe in a reader

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