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EXPLORE ART: Abstract Art Stamp It Project

By Myjoneses
EXPLORE ART: Abstract art Stamp It project
A Quick Definition: Abstract art is a wide category used to define any non-representational art.  Meaning art that does not represent objects, people or scenes.  Rather it focuses on the formal qualities of color, line and shape.  You don't have to ask what the image is; only enjoy it's qualities/ elements.
Artist and Examples: I'm going to give you a few examples of Hans Hoffman's work to use as inspiration and for discussion with your child about the basic idea of abstract art. Hoffman once said abstract art was "a way to get at what really is important".  
We are going to get down to the basics. How many times in life does it take a child to show us the everyday, simple is beautiful?  
Here's their opportunity to show us through art.
EXPLORE ART: Abstract art Stamp It project
Hoffman's work is a good illustration of color, shapes, layers and arrangement of elements.
EXPLORE ART: Abstract art Stamp It project
Discuss with your child how Hoffman used different colors and sizes of rectangles.  Also how it is layered on top of the red paint.  Most children don't quite understand the concept of layering their elements in an image; coloring in a coloring book doesn't leave them the freedom to create different levels to their image.
EXPLORE ART: Abstract art Stamp It project Another topic you can bring up when discussing Hoffman's work is how he used the majority of the canvas/paper to create an image.  This works with the idea of creating layers in your image to create active space making a complete picture.   
Now if I've lost you with all this discussion about abstract art and Hans Hoffman's work.  Come back to me.  Let's get down to what's really important; a fun art project that will let your child explore and create!
EXPLORE ART: Abstract art Stamp It project
-Paper- your choice
-Paint- used crayola washable
-Recycled/found objects to use as STAMPS
(cardboard piece, plastic recyclables, fork, piece from egg carton, various size/shape caps, legos, frogs, toy cars)
EXPLORE ART: Abstract art Stamp It projectWe used paper plates to hold our paint that objects will be stamped in.  
I let Cy pick out 4 colors to start with.EXPLORE ART: Abstract art Stamp It projectI used the bottom of a yogurt container to first show Cy how we were going to use these objects as stamps.  I made sure to tell him a little paint goes a long way.  If you get too much paint on your object you are not going to get the shape/ texture of that object, instead just a big clump of paint.
EXPLORE ART: Abstract art Stamp It projectCy got started picking different objects to use as stamps.  He really had fun with this project, if you couldn't tell.
EXPLORE ART: Abstract art Stamp It project
EXPLORE ART: Abstract art Stamp It projectHe got different shapes from our recyclable bottoms and caps while getting some interesting textures from the corrugated cardboard, fork (running it through the paint), legos and toy car.
EXPLORE ART: Abstract art Stamp It project
EXPLORE ART: Abstract art Stamp It project
Our abstract art project took on the form of action painting as he ran the toy car back and forth.  I did mention he really was having fun with this project, right?
Here are a few of the final masterpieces:
EXPLORE ART: Abstract art Stamp It projectCy enjoyed experimenting with different shapes/ sizes and with a little encouragement started to layer his stamping.
EXPLORE ART: Abstract art Stamp It projectEgg carton circles.
EXPLORE ART: Abstract art Stamp It projectCap stamps, circles, cardboard and fork scratchings.
The best part of this project is the process.  Cy had so much fun experimenting with different objects, seeing what they created, using color and placing it all on paper.  
Use this as an abstract art project with your child exposing them to artist's like Hoffman and how they worked.  Or just get out your recyclables and let them have fun creating.  Either way I guarantee this will become a favorite.
Let your children have fun, explore and show us the beautiful-simple, basics of art!EXPLORE ART: Abstract art Stamp It projectSubscribe in a reader

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