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Expert Monsoon Makeup Mantras

By Mohamedmedo
Expert monsoon makeup mantras
Mansi Kohli, Health Me Up | Jul 2, 2011, 12.12pm IST
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Monsoon often comes with surprise showers which can give a blow to your look in no time. The essential trick of monsoon make up lies in using and storing your makeup products wisely. 
Though we won't advise you to quit using make up, but it'll be just wise for you to get hands-on professional help in order to carry your rainy look in fun and style. We asked Bollywood makeup whiz, Vidya Tikari to tell us a few make up mantras for monsoon which will keep you cheerful and glowing all season long. Stay away from heavy, creamy makeup. If there's one monsoon makeup mantra you must follow, it should be to stay away from heavy, creamy makeup. You need to pick products that will stay on in humid weather. So, go for a good quality oil-free matte primer, and a light oil-free base. And choose only water-proof kohl & mascara, and water-resistant lipsticks. Keep the base as light and natural as possible. During the day, use a concealer sparingly to take care of under eye circles, skin blemishes or any discolouration. If you need more coverage, then go for mineralise powder foundation by MAC or Revlon. Skip the toning-moisturising bit once in a while. But, no matter how badly you want to hit the bed, removing all your makeup - especially during the monsoons - is an absolute must. Why? Because sleeping with your makeup on is not only the best way to suffocate your skin, you could also get rashes, infections and allergies with all the microbes that abound during the monsoons. Never sleep in your party makeup. Sleeping in your party makeup can age your skin almost 10 times more than normal. Overnight, your skin will absorb all the chemicals from the make up and clog up pores which can cause breakouts & make you prone to other monsoon skin maladies. Remove your makeup properly. To properly remove makeup, all you need is a good cleanser for your face and a gentle eye makeup remover. Cetaphil is my favorite cleanser. Other good ones are from Marie Kay, Lancome, Oriflame and Mac. For eye makeup removers, go for Clinique, Oriflame, Bodyshop, or Marie Kay. Remember to use a slightly damp cotton wipe so that it doesn't drag on your skin. You can follow up with Cetaphil cream. Share makeup tips, but not the makeup products. Make sure you wash all your makeup brushes thoroughly and regularly, and chuck out all the old, expired makeup. Stay away from in-store testers as they can be a hub of unknown bacterias and viruses. Also, wash your hands before and after you apply makeup. Dazzling monsoon makeup ideas Cheeks: For the cheeks, apply a cheek tint like Benetint. This will give you a lovely hint of color and will hold up longer in humidity. Eyes: For the eyes, the colours of the season are blue and purple tones. Use blue coloured pencils around the lashline and apply lots of waterproof mascara. Lips: Avoid lip glosses and go in for long-stay lipsticks in bright pinks or corals. To 'fix' the look, finish off by spraying on a 'fix it spray'. This is available with several brands like MAC & Body Shop. Read more Personal Health, Diet & Fitness stories on

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