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Experience Outstanding Teamwork with the All-New Surface Hub 2S

By Travelrasoi @travelrasoi

Microsoft recently announced that Surface Hub 2S is now available in India. It must be noted that Surface Hub 2S is an all-in-one digital whiteboard, teamwork collaborating, and meeting platform  computing device designed for the sophisticated workplace. The device is available at INR 11,89,999, and comes with the Surface Hub 2 Camera as well as Surface Hub 2 Pen. The gadget can be purchased through authorised resellers of the Hub. Apart from this, the Steelcase Roam mobile stand that costs INR 1,17,500 will also be available with the authorised resellers.

The all new Surface Hub 2S is an all-in-one collaboration device crafted to allow teams to get away from the monotonous conference rooms while turning any location/space into a space for enjoying teamwork and collaboration. Microsoft partnered with Steelcase to design the Steelcase Roam

, a unique mobile stand as well as wall mounting system, to enable people to make use of the Surface Hub 2S for collobarting during planned sessions or even for conducting spontaneous meetings.

An interactive, portable and elegant device, the Surface Hub 2S is packed with the full power and potential of Microsoft – Windows 10, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, the intelligent cloud and Microsoft Whiteboard, that helps users to improve productivity. The device features a vibrant 4K+ 50-inch multi-touch display that offers an excellent canvas for co-creating with the best touch and pen experience, as well as the highest resolution when compared to other devices in the same class & category. The device is 40% lighter, and provides 50% faster graphics performance in comparison to the original Surface Hub.

“We’ve expanded our Surface family to include not just devices designed for individuals, but also devices purpose-built for teams. In view of the current environment and more teams working remotely, the Surface Hub 2S seamlessly blends into any workspace. The Surface Hub 2S gives teams the mobility and flexibility to collaborate where they work best – whether in a conventional meeting scenario for brainstorms, or virtual meetings powered by Microsoft Teams. For businesses looking to bridge the gap and address different workstyles, the Surface Hub 2S is the perfect addition to enhance productivity, and as a boost to turn innovative ideas to reality,” said Rajiv Sodhi, COO, Microsoft India.

Surface Hub 2S is designed to fit into all types of spaces, from compact spaces to the traditional conference rooms. The device provides team with the flexibility to unite wherever they feel that they can work best. It takes the shared screen as well as transforms it to create an innovative mobile computer, designed for teams. The device also comes with the smallest bezels and the thinnest edge  in its class, providing a seamless work environment. In fact, Surface Hub 2S’s display is 60% thinner when compared to its predecessor.

Also, the Steelcase Roam, which functions as a mobile stand is not only an easy-to-hang wall mounting system, but also enables individuals to use the Surface Hub 2S for collaborating in a planned or spontaneous manner. The stand can be easily moved using one hand, and it easily fits into all types of spaces. Its wall mounting mechanism is perfect for small spaces and private offices.

When combined together, the Steelcase Roam and Surface Hub 2S support active collaboration by allowing teams to stand, move, gesture as well as become more mentally, emotionally and physcially engaged in their collaborations.

Surface Hub 2S’s Pixel Sense Display, 4K Camera, excellent speakers as well as far-field microphone supports every member of the team-remote or local, in seeing and engaging with each other and meeting content, allowing them to feel that they are all in the same conference room.

To learn more about Surface Hub 2S, visit and the broader Surface for Business family, visit For additional information on the Steelcase Roam visit:

By Travelrasoi

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