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What Kind of Bags Do You Prefer During Travel?

By Travelrasoi @travelrasoi

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about travel is your travel bag. Every travel bag has a different style and shape. If you are a travel lover, you must already have some of your favourites. But do you know that different travel bags are suitable for different travel purposes?

Here, we will share some top travel bags that you might prefer during travel.

  • Wheeled backpacks

The wheeled backpack is a popular choice among travellers. It has large space for your travel gear and other essentials you need to carry for travel. These backpacks are ideal if you like to have a load on your back while walking in a new place. Wheeled backpacks are helpful whether you want to carry all the weight on your back or want a wheeled bag so you can drag it anywhere.

Another plus point of these backpacks is that they are comfortable and available in various stylish colours and materials. 

  • Travel duffel bags

Another popular travel bag that almost every travel enthusiast has or wishes to have is the travel duffel bag. Duffel bags are cylinder-shaped bags with dual shoulder straps. These bags are cheaper than any other travel bag and have large space for your travel. The bag is also easy to compress when you empty it and creates extra space for your belongings during travel.

But these travel bags are not good for carrying large stuff and limit your packing. Some may find the shape a bit odd in terms of style.

  • Travel backpacks

Travel backpacks are also great for travelling; they can carry heavy weight, are comfortable and have several spare pockets. Travel backpacks are ideal for trekking or hiking, and you can carry heavy weight during your travel. The bags are excellent for carrying heavy books, clothes and other hiking stuff.

They also come in various styles and colours. They look cool and are also helpful.

  • Travel Totes

 Travel Totes are now beyond gender stereotypes, and you can use them regardless of gender. They are ideal for carrying your travel essential and looks versatile and attractive. You can carry them to the airport, train or even cruise; they will easily match different environments. These bags come in various styles and shapes; even kids can carry them during travel.

  • Rolling travel bags

Another heavy baggage carrier popular among travellers is the rolling travel bag. These bags are also great for carrying weights, and you can use them for long travel days. Rolling bags allow you to carry heavy weights without stressing your body like some other travel bags.

They are also durable but should be protected from rain and heat.


There can be other cool and sustainable options like vintage suitcases, luggage bags, rolling duffels, fanny bags, and much more. The list of suitable travel bags is endless and primarily depends on individual choices and needs. Some may like garment bags, and others may like heavy backpacks for travel. Here we have listed some of the most preferred ones. So, if you want to try something new for your travels, they will surely help you out.

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