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Experience Haiti | Country in the Caribbean.

By Vikasacharya
Experience Haiti | Country in the Caribbean.

Haiti is a Caribbean country that shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic to its east. Tropical and semiarid where mountains in the east cut off trade winds, Haiti lies in the middle of the hurricane belt and is subject to severe storms from June to November. Experiences occasional flooding, earthquakes and droughts. When travelling to Haiti it is very important that you bring a first aid kit. Be sure to include the following in the first aid kit a lighter, and flash light due to Haiti's constant power outage. Pepto-Bismol, instant ice packs, Motrin, and Tylenol. Be sure to not drink the water and any drinks made with the water. Haiti was inhabited by the native Taino Indians when Christopher Columbus landed on 6 December 1492 at Mole St Nicolas. Columbus named the island Hispaniola. The Taino were a branch of the Arawak Indians,a peaceful tribe that was weakened by frequent violent invasions by the cannibalistic Carib Indians. Later, Spanish settlers brought smallpox and other European diseases to which the Taino had no immunity. In short order, the native Taino were virtually annihilated. There is no discernible trace of Taino blood on Haiti today. The current inhabitants have exclusively African and/or European roots.

Experience Haiti | Country in the Caribbean.Caribbean country, Haiti, Hispaniola, mountains

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