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Expect Labs & “Ex Machina” in the News!

By Expectlabs @ExpectLabs
Expect Labs & “Ex Machina” in the news!

Have you caught the new indie sci-fi flick "Ex Machina" yet? It was released in the U.S. a week ago. It’s been called “a smart, exceptionally stylish head trip” by The Washington Post and "a spooky piece of speculative fiction that’s completely plausible" by The Los Angeles Times.

Indeed, while we are many years away from making an A.I. like Ava (if it ever happens), director/writer Alex Garland’s vision of machine intelligence is much more feasible than many movie depictions of A.I. that have been trotted out over the years. Questions around the nature of consciousness are thoughtfully handled, and the film never assumes that self-awareness or motivation would be the same, or similar, for a machine.

Interested in where the science stands currently, or where film depictions of A.I.’s future deviate from what is most likely? Expect Labs’ CEO Tim Tuttle has been working in artificial intelligence for over twenty years, and in developing MindMeld, our team is regularly working with problems concerning natural language understanding. Several media outlets have recently sought out Tim Tuttle’s thoughts on the future of A.I. and the film “Ex Machina.” Check out some of the coverage here:

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