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Expanish Students’ Favourite Spanish Words

By Expanishargentina @expanish

Here at Expanish we know that learning and keeping in mind new vocabulary can be very hard. Sometimes it happens that you can’t remember the easiest words but instead some weird words you would never use but you remember because you like the sound, the orthography or just the meaning. These kinds of words also appear during the lessons here at Expanish and that’s why I asked some Expanish students and the staff about their favorite words in Spanish. Read their answers and find out if you remember them because they are special:

La burbuja → means “bubble” in English. Attention: not to confuse with the words bruja what means “witch” or brújula which is a compass

La mesa ratona → describes a little and low table you use for example in addition to your couch. And it has nothing to do with the cute little animal all the girls are afraid of, neither with the thing you use to make clicks on your computer! In Spanish these are also known as ratón!

Mesa rat%C3%B3n 1 Expanish Students Favourite Spanish Words

El murciélago  → it’s an animal that is nocturnal. His famous comic buddy is “batman”. But when do you need this word in Spanish?

Bat man 241x300 Expanish Students Favourite Spanish Words

refunfuñar → this so easy to keep in mind because of its onomatopoetic style: a refufuñador is a very grouchy person. Have a look at these similar words as well: murmurar (to mutter), gruñir (to grumble/grunt) – aren’t they just lovely?

torpe → almost everyone needs this word to describe himself: “clumsy”

Torpe 1 300x269 Expanish Students Favourite Spanish Words

fanfarronear  → means “to brag”. See as well the word autobombo which is NOT a “car bomb”, it just means “self-praise”

trucho,-a → this word is used for all kind of “fake” stuff. A argentino trucho is someone who pretends to be an argentine, or is an argentine who just doesn’t behave like an typical argentine.

This list could be endless and I’m sure there are some words that you would add! Test yourself – with absolute certainty you’ll keep at least one of the words above in mind.

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