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Expanish Guide to Phone in Buenos Aires

By Expanishargentina @expanish

Gustavo Pelogia
Marketing Assistant

Communicating by phone in Buenos Aires is very easy. Local mobile phone, fixed phones, prepaid cards and locutórios are the four options for anyone around in Buenos Aires, including tourists. We have prepared some tips to make you more relaxed and able to talk with your family whenever you need.

chips cellphone 300x250 Expanish Guide to phone in Buenos Aires
Mobile: bring an unlocked phone. The three telephone operators in Buenos Aires (ClaroPersonal and Movistar) sell chips for prepaid lines and they cost between $ 10 and $ 15 pesos. Just put the card in your cellphone, purchase credits and use it. If you want a monthly phone subscription with invoice and other benefits (toll-free numbers, for example) you must have an Argentine document (DNI) and have a little more work. You can find the DNI proces in our blog: Guide to DNI

Fixed: If you will choose one of the Expanish housting options  probably your home will have a landline phone. With it, you can make local calls (to get a taxi or ask for a pizza, for example) and also to make calls to other countries. In most cases you will need a prepaid card to use the phone.

Prepaid cards: With these cards you can call to anywhere in the world. The card has a toll-free number. When calling this number  you will have to nter the code that is marked on the card itself and then the phone number of the person you want to talk to. It will take you a bit of time to actually do this but it´s worth it because the prices are low. This system can be used with public and fixed home phones

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Locutórios: Depending on when and where you are, this is the most practical means of making calls. The locutórios are phone booths that are within the kioskos and you pay per call. International calls vary between $ARS 1 and $ARS 3 per minute, depending on the country and kiosko, These “locutórios” are generally are only open during the day.

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