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Exorcism-by-Apotheosis Method

By Tantrawave @planetbuddha

Exorcism-by-Apotheosis Method

Apotheosis Oiwa Dakini

There is an exorcism technique or method, which is exorcism by apotheosis.  This is a bona fide cream-of-the-crop exorcism method, and even if a practitioner were a relative beginner, depending on the practitioner's personal capability and life experience, it can be implemented with the application of correct protocols.  After all, the order of things in the invisible world is founded in entangled hierarchic protocols.    Without the practitioner's having the ability of tantric interweaving with supernal protocols, it would not be possible to confer status, confer a post or office to beings who are to be exorcised; it would not be possible to request a being, an entity, a mindstream to use their abilities to become a protector of places, people, and things, let alone join fields of supernal beings transcending their current mode of rage, despair, confusion, and so on.

Exorcism-by-Apotheosis Method

The haunted Oiwa lantern

When superficial disentanglement occurs between practitioner and entity, illusions of difference kick in as by default, at which time the practitioner and entity both experience separation-individuation. When this illusory separation enters self-consciousness, it could backfire in diverse ways (after all, that's the story of the mundane whorl). If the entity is lower in morphic-field to the human, it could bring on illness, anxiety, drainage, etc. upon the practitioner.  If the entity is of a higher field, the practitioner better watch out.  Beings of hyperdimensional worlds are not categorized simply into black or white. There are Titans, for example, who are both of lower and higher fields than the human.  Both are very jealous and prideful, but the latter would test the practitioner's mettle, as war and machismo are their thing (in my personal experience, mindstreams of ceremonial magickians are prone to test the mettle of others of their ilk, as to them, it's a matter of pride and interest, a subtle "competition"; if they are powerful, there could be heavy-duty trouble). If it's a mere ego-trip a practitioner is on, they might in turn get beset upon.  If you are a "paranormal" (don't like that word) fan who goes beyond mere ghost-hunting to venture into the realm of the exorcism-kind-of-thing, then you have no choice but to resonate at high levels.  You will have to become a serious practitioner.      Deep practitioners can be known by name, if not in the human world, in the invisible mind-lands, and I'm sure there are practitioners out there who know this.  But to elevate a being to the status of protector, practitioner, and deity (or divinity), is something that can only be done with respect to protocol.  There are such protocols, and they require ceremony; the ceremony or ritual cannot only resonate with the same field as that of the entity in question, it must have the means to interweave with fields closer to the center of reality-as-such.  This is a big deal, but it can be achieved.  The account of Oiwa in Japan (several hundred years ago) is a case in point.  She was jilted and mistreated terribly by her psychopath husband, and it is said that post-mortem, her field, if encountered, would bring on calamities, such was the radiation of her anger.  In all eventuality, however, practitioners liberated her to become a divinity; her wrath was honored and acknowledged, as was her power.  At one shrine where she is ensconced as divinity, she is a Dakini-divinity for matchmaking, and at another, she is a Dakini-divinity for severing relationships.  Either way, her anger was recognized, pacified, and finally sublimated.     

Exorcism-by-Apotheosis Method

One of the Oiwa shrines

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