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By Agnes

Long week, somewhat noncommittal weather… just got home from the airport. Love airports & picking up friends I haven't seen in a while -- I guess catching up is extra special to those of us not on Facebook? Definitely a nice treat after such a taxing week, no pun intended. 

It's Saturday night, and with a rather handsome looking smoked salmon sandwich by my side, I can't see much use in anything but turning my spent mind off and enjoying my own company. Which, truth be told, I do actually enjoy, especially when a good book and a cup of jasmine tea are involved.

smoked salmon

Almost positive there's some Casablanca on tonight's agenda too. 

Don't know what it is about black & white movies, they just have such a relaxing effect on me.

casablanca usual suspects

Speaking of usual suspects and black & white, it's been a black & white week for me all the way. I really wish I could be a bit more inspired and induce some glamour into what was essentially a fairly glamour free week, but on the bright side my recent inability to enter the spirit of colors does make for an easy laundry day.


Talk about enjoying one's own company -- definitely wasn't referring to cloning or quintuplets or whatever five twins are called. Just some good old fashioned film noir, you know, with some smoked salmon and goat cheese on a Saturday night.

Until next time.


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