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Exclusive Offer: 50% Off Virtual Styling Services with Bridgette Raes

By Bridgetteraes @BridgetteRaes

Exclusive Offer: 50% Off Virtual Styling Services with Bridgette RaesNo matter where you live, you can welcome me into your closet for an overhaul via my virtual style services. I have worked with women all over the world and, today, I announced an exclusive offer of 50% off a virtual closet edit. Is it your turn to get fashion and style help from me?

If you have been wishing for me to come into your wardrobe and fix what's not working. this is your chance that you don't want to miss out on. Ready to purchase? Click here!

Need more info on virtual styling services?

No problem. After all, what the heck happens during a virtual closet edit? That's a great question.

Technology is an amazing thing, and it makes it possible for me to see what is going on with a client's style without actually meeting them. Every initial virtual style session starts the same. I want to know who you are, what your lifestyle is like, goals you have, the budget you have to work with and what personal style is (even if you aren't sure what it is) and I glean all this information through an intake form you fill out.

Next, you send me photos via a secret board you create on Pinterest. This becomes our workspace where you can upload any clothing and accessory pieces from your closet that you want me to assess. They can be complete outfits, wardrobe pieces you are struggling with, accessories you don't know what to do with, and more. It's not unlike me coming to your closet. What would you want me to look at if I was actually meeting you? Imagine it like being able to ask me any personal burning fashion and style questions you have...and the actually be to get answers.

Following this we get together via Skype after I have reviewed all your photos and have made comments and suggestions. This is our time to talk through my suggestions, where you can ask more questions and you get even more wardrobe clarity.

The cost of this two hour consultation (one hour of me reviewing your wardrobe and one hour for our meeting) is regularly $350, but for this week only I am offering it to your $175. That's 50% off!

Ready to purchase? Click here!

Does a virtual closet edit work?

Certainly one could argue that nothing can come close to working with a stylist in person and, sure, there is some truth to that. However, there are also a lot of benefits that come with working with me virtually. Like:

  1. You have detailed notes and suggestions that you can always reference long after our session together.
  2. It's certainly cheaper than a plane ticket to NYC. Compare $175 to several hundred dollars, or more, in travel, hotel room expenses, and my fees! Wouldn't you rather spend that on clothes?
  3. You get to see yourself in photos. This may not seem like a benefit, but it actually is. When a client sends me photos of clothing they want me to review I request they photograph those items on their bodies. I need to see the fit and how the coloring of the clothing affects them. Clients who see themselves in photos often gain greater clarity in what works and what doesn't.
  4. You don't have to clean out your closet. Do you clean before the cleaning lady arrives? Through a virtual closet edit you don't have to show me what a mess your closet it. A total win!

Ready to purchase your virtual closet edit at this limited-time sale price? Click here.

What past virtual style clients have had to say

Don't take my word for how effective a virtual closet edit can be. Here is what some past clients have had to say about the process:

"Thanks to a 1year+ association with Bridgette Raes, I can confidently say that working with a stylist was an important part of what spurred me to to lose weight and get healthier. I made the decision to like myself and get help right where I was. Bridgette gave me confidence and spot-on advice to make the best of what I had to work with. Her sense of humor immediately put me at ease. She helped me realize it was ok to get rid of certain items that didn't reflect who I was or where I was going in life. She has the industry credibility that lifts her head and shoulders above "outfit of the day" bloggers. After one session I had a clearer picture of what my wardrobe priorities should be. After two sessions I had some solid seasonal suggestions to incorporate. I am forever grateful that Bridgette came along when she did." - Renee, Houston, Texas

"I didn't set out to find a stylist, and I wasn't really looking to hire someone. I knew some things I wanted to improve about my wardrobe, so I went out to find the information for myself. Then I stumbled on Bridgette's blog. I was attracted to her very practical advice, designed to help people make the most of the right pieces - not like most other blogs I came across that seemed to be all about getting readers to buy more, more, more. So once I found Bridgette's blog, that's when I realized her perspective was one I'd like more of. If she hadn't offered virtual services, I simply wouldn't have hired anyone. The great thing about her Skype consultations is that now she is available to like-minded people who want her input, even if we don't live in New York." - Lesley, Atlanta, Georgia

"Why did I choose Bridgette to work with virtually? Not only am I a passionate follower of her blog, we really connected by phone at the start. It was simply outstanding to work with someone outside my local area. I got a fresh perspective and different viewpoint on style. And, with Skype, we could see each other's facial expressions, maybe even more than I would have noticed in person. Having Bridgette do some virtual shopping, then discuss it on Skype let me consider clothing shapes and cuts I would have bypassed in a store and encouraged me to go beyond my usual approach. Gone are the 4 pairs of black shoes, replaced by red and teal and cognac. I open that closet and suddenly it's great fun to decide what to wear every day. I learned a lot, and I could fit the consulting into my schedule." - Ann, Austin, Texas

"'Dress to impress,' is the phrase of the day in most parts of the United States, but there are some people who genuinely do not believe they have the time or money to change their image. I'm happy I found Bridgette's virtual styling service. Without virtual styling I would probably still be doubting my ability to understand how I should look. Bridgette was also very friendly, courteous warm and understanding. I like the fact that she connected with me and tried to empathize with my concerns." - Kendra, Mobile, Alabama

Lastly, Debbie Roes, of Recovering Shopaholic, who actually blogged about her experience in a three part post, which you can read here, had this to say about working with me virtually:

"I had thought of hiring a local style consultant, but didn't feel that I resonated with any of them. I looked at their websites and didn't feel a connection. Because of Bridgette's blog, I felt like I knew her and her style of working with clients. I felt like I would get the type of help I needed from her and I was right. The help I got was very personal and very targeted to my needs. The questionnaire really helped to target our work together and it helped me to think about what I wanted to focus on."

So, really, what are you waiting for? Remember, this special offer is for this week only, so don't wait, purchase now by clicking here.

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