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Evidence Gathering Tools Used By Injury Attorneys

Posted on the 04 April 2014 by Webforjason

subpoenasNo matter what kind of personal injury case you have, when you hire an attorney it’s their duty to gather evidence that will support your claim during what is called the "discovery" phase of a lawsuit. There are a few different tools that we use to help clients prove that there was negligence or some other damage, and the defendant owes compensation—here are some of the most common.

Discovery Tactics

The most common discovery tactics used by attorneys include:

Interrogatories – These are basic questions posed to parties involved in a lawsuit that usually pertain to gathering background information or figuring out who could be a potential witness in the case.

Personal Injury Deposition – These generally take place outside of a courtroom, when attorneys ask questions of a variety of people that may be involved in a case, including witnesses, parties involved in the lawsuit, and expert witnesses.

The personal injury deposition takes place under oath and is recorded for potential use later during pre-trial and trial activities.

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