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Everyone’s Favourite Gmail Has Got Fresh New Look!!

Posted on the 26 April 2018 by Clonescloud @ClonesCloud

In this modern technological world, though there are various methods of communication, the email communication will never eradicate. Google, Yahoo, Outlook are some of the famous website or platforms providing the email facility. As the technology in upgrading, the way people used to communicate using the email before is not the same now. Nowadays, email is considered as the formal way of communication. In the business organization, most of the communication is done using email. It is said that to create the best first impression or to create the best impact on the person’s mind; email communication is the perfect mode of communication in doing the same.

Today Gmail, the venture of Google INC. is regarded as King in the email communication. And the main reasons behind it is, Gmail provide the best user-friendly environment to its user for email communication. Apart from giving the world-class email environment, Security and Privacy is also one of the reasons behind the massive success of Gmail. In regular updates and serving the best email sharing environment Google hasn’t disappointed its user.

Gmail Loading

Speaking of updates, on Wednesday 25 April 2018, Google officially announced the all-new version of Gmail. Google has changed the entire layout by providing the fresh and impressive look of Gmail. Keeping the latest trend of being Cool, Google has also made its Gmail service as Cool as Robert Downey Jr. Apart from giving the cool design, Google has also added various other features which user will enjoy when they will come across. Below are some of the remarkable Highlights of all new version of Gmail.

1. Email Shortcuts:

Flickering to your email conversation on your Gmail inbox, Google has provided various shortcuts like Archive, Delete, Mark as Read, and Snooze. Though the first three feature where already part of Gmail service, they have also give one more new function of Snooze which helps the user not to receive emails from any particular user for some time. Various other shortcuts such as Keep, Tasks, and Google Calendar is also available at the right edge of the screen. These features are exclusively available on Inbox of Gmail.

2. Send Nudge As Your Reply:

Using the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Gmail is also loaded with AI-powered “nudge” feature that helps to give a quick response to any conversation.

3. Smart Reply:

Gossips were rolling all over about this feature, but it is finally here in all new Gmail after a year after it appeared to the mobile version. With the help of “Smart Reply” feature, instead of typing reply, Google has provided this function which helps you to give the quick response without wasting much of their time.

4. Risk Warnings:

For security purpose, the web version of Gmail will notify the user a warning when it detects an email received in your inbox from a suspicious source. Google will give notification by providing this warning “This message seems dangerous” and also provides ‘Delete Now’ button as well. This feature indirectly restricts its user to visit any malicious links that are captured as phishing/ impersonation scam.

5. Native Offline Mode:

The Web Gmail is featured with the native offline mode that works similar to the offline mode on Google Docs. The User will able to search, write, respond, delete and archive up to 90 days without interruption even if the Wi-Fi connection isn’t available. The Offline mode will help the users whose internet connectivity is sketchy.

6. Self-Destruction:

When the user is composing the email, he can choose “Confidential Mode” and set the time limit for that particular email. The receiver will be displayed that they have received a confidential message which will self-destruct within the specified time. When the time of any message is expired, the user will not be able to access the text anymore. This feature also helps you to restrict the receiver from forwarding, copying, downloading, or printing the email.

How To Get Started with The New Version of Gmail.

To experience the all-new version of Gmail, follow the below step and enjoy the fresh Gmail Service:

  • Log in or Sign up to the Gmail.
  • Click on the setting icon at the top most of the Gmail.
  • Click on the first option “Try the new Gmail”.

To experience the all-new version of Gmail on your Android based Smartphones, you can download this from Google Play Store. For iPhones users, the latest version of Gmail will be available in upcoming weeks. The all-new Gmail will for sure give you the best world-class email experience without any doubts and question. The fresh version of Gmail will also change the way you draft the email as well.

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