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Everyday Fashion Hacks for Indian Outfits

By Khadija Beauty @khadijabeauty3

Everyday Fashion Hacks for Indian Wear

There are many stylish Indian fashion ideas for Indian girls. Although now with the growth of e-commerce that has improved the fashion world. There is a lot to learn globally from other fashionistas around the world. For instance, the indo-western trend has grown more due to e-commerce, fashion hacks are increasing every day with many social media sites to learn them from.

The trendiest craze right now is having the fusion look work for you. As celebrities are styling themselves in this look for various events. Girls and women at large are also following through to learn this easy and trendy fashion hacks to have anew style statement.

Blend with denim 

Firstly, as an Indian girl embracing a denim look is a great fashion hack in itself. The denim blend helps you glam yourself when you have minimal time to prepare for an invite. For instance, a slit or long Kurti is a perfect choice to blend with denim. They are comfortable and a choice of colored denim works best.

Alternatively, pair your denim pants with half saree for fusion outfits are not limiting and are great fashion hacks. A blend with denim can be part of your daily wear for college students or when you are off work.

A fresh saree styling

Other than the crop top Lehenga for wedding that completes an Indians woman wardrobe, the saree is a must-have too. Anyhow, what is the hack for a saree styling? It is the plain colored sarees and stripped printed saree that is the current buzz. This saree is better than the heavy ornamented saree with a blouse.

Plus, the crop tops are the new blouses and there are many designs and sleeve styling of the same tops to choose from. Today the hack is to choose a color contrasting top for your saree to glam your look. This Indian styling is a ravishing look that Bollywood divas have set a trend on.

Everyday Fashion Hacks for Indian Wear

The Kurti twist 

To those that find comfort in wearing a Kurti in busy days. Plus, the only way they can pair them is with salwar’s and churidar need to pair their Kurti best with different attire. For example, a flared skirt is still comfortable and stylish, to say the least. Choose a printed flared skirt if the Kurti you are wearing is plain.

Remember to add some Indian jewelry to blend with this look but get a balance of the accessories and the prints you wear. And head out to work comfortably for good hours.

Everyday Fashion Hacks for Indian Wear

The Dhoti inspiration

When the dhoti pants started trending in various inspiration styles. They are unable to stop as different designs keep on coming to the fashion scene. The Salwar, Churidar, and palazzos are now replaced with the Dhotis and Indian women are loving it.

Follow this fashion hack and have styled the dhoti pants in your unique way that stands out of the rest. Plus, you can get to style your Lehenga, saree attires into dhoti inspired outfits. Add a jhola bag and chunky accessories and upgrade your usual college dhoti look and slay your way to school.

The fabric jackets

Everyday Fashion Hacks for Indian Wear

Leather jackets are still a luxurious look to adorn to but shift to a trendier fabric jacket. The jacket lovers will love this hack for fabric jackets are trending now and is like a must-have piece for every girl squad. Some of these jackets are the boho jackets, embroidered jackets and ethnic jackets among many other pieces.

Once you have one or two of these jackets it is time to style it. For instance, a traditional suit or a kurti with leggings and a fabric jacket to complete the look is a win. Ensure you pair it well to avoid looking like you have a wardrobe malfunction. If your jacket is too loud choosing plain colors is best to have this fashion tip effectively.

Tribal jewelry

Every Indian girl should not be left out with the buzz of tribal jewelry innovation that is going on. Although, they will wear it to family traditional events it still worth an investment. Fortunately, this jewelry matches all outfits especially the silver pieces. Another Indian craze is the jhumkas that you just need to choose and buy.

The fashion hack here is that this is just not the ordinary jhumkas but the new design innovations that have flooded the market. If you love jewelry, jhumkas are excellent pieces to own especially with the many traditional attires getting a twist in various styling options. Try the jhumkas and stand out in the glam look.

The waist belt

Everyday Fashion Hacks for Indian Wear

Finding a suitable accessory is important in this day and age of many fashionistas. The belt is mused commonly to hold jeans and other pants into place. The popular one is the high waist belt that now is seen accessorizing a saree, Lehenga choli with belted dupatta and many other looks. The belts are in many designs from ornamented belts to simple colored belts.

Pair this belt stylishly, like, a simple daily look works best with the ornamented belt than a simple belt. Additionally, to the curvier girl add a leather outfit to pop your look and glam these looks as most Bollywood celebrities already have.

Ripped jeans

The fashion comfort zone or a dressing to jeans that is neat with no rips or accessory is a lonely look for girls especially. Choose the current ripped jeans trend that is here to stay at least a pair that will keep you at par with the latest fashion trend. If it feels too uncomfortable to pair with a long slit Kurti and enjoy the comfort and style of this look. However, a t-shirt, short kurta with ripped jeans is an alternative as well.

The beauty of ripped jeans is you can still style them yourself from old jeans and rip them how you see fit. There are many videos on how to do this online and it is a style option that never fails.

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