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Every Little Bit Counts

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Don't think of your empty Coca-Cola can or water bottle as a worthless piece of garbage, not worth your time and energy to go collect your 30agorot in recycling fees. Think of it just one step in getting your sefer torah.
A community in Upper Nazareth, Nazareth Ilit, the community of Bnei Hayeshivos Ohel Yaakov, decided to put together a massive collection and recycling program, with everyone collecting every qualifying bottle and can they could, mostly worth 30agorot each.
So this community collected and turned in all these cans, and used the money to buy a mehudar megillas Esther. They are now collecting cans and saving up to buy a scroll of Koheles.
And it does not stop there. According to Ladaat, they already have plan for the next stage - collecting cans to raise money for a sefer Torah!
Every little bit counts. Every little bit adds up.
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