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Even More Movie (& TV) Inspired DIY Valentines

By Designerdaddy @DesignerDaddy

movie and tv-inspired diy valentines

As promised from earlier this week, here are a few more movie (and TV) inspired DIY Valentines that didn’t make the initial cut. The first batch was more family-friendly — these are a little less-so, and (in my opinion) a little more fun! Please enjoy, share, make your own, get inspired and create something even more crafty and fun and lovely. But above all enjoy your Valentine’s Day, whether it’s with a person — or a movie — that you love.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Click on each valentine to see a larger view.

Movie & TV inspired valentines - LEGO

Wyldstlye & Emmet from The LEGO Movie

Initially Batman’s girl, Wyldstyle is immune to Emmet’s charming obliviousness. But then Emmet transforms into a Master Builder, Wyldstyle transforms into Lucy, and everything is finally and truly awesome.

Supplies used: foam paper, construction paper, duct tape, craft glue, hot glue.

Handy tip: I created the LEGO pattern for the background by cutting out circles of adhesive foam paper and sticking them onto a sheet of construction paper. Or you can build your own background out of actual LEGO.

Movie & TV inspired valentines

Piper & Alex from Orange Is the New Black

I was determined to include a same-sex couple amongst these, but there is a dearth of fun, Valentiney couples in movies and TV. Mitch and Cam from Modern Family were on my short list, but their chemistry is admittedly lacking. Maybe next year… Instead I went with everyone’s favorite steamy, manipulative, incarcerated lesbian/bisexual couple, shown here in their signature prison jumpsuit colors.

Supplies used: foam paper, construction paper, pipe cleaners, felt, crafting beads/jewels, craft glue, hot glue.

Handy tip: This is obviously Piper when she first arrived in prison — orange jumpsuit, red lips, highlighted hair. I created her layered look using pieces of felt, then accenting with yellow pipe cleaners. “Pipe cleaners” for “Piper”… get it?!

Movie & TV inspired valentines - twilight

Edward & Bella from the Twilight films

What more can be said about this pale and tragic pair that set every tween girl’s heart aflutter? The books were mildly entertaining, the movies — not so much. But I do admire Stephenie Meyer’s uniquely sparkly vampires. Finally an excuse to use my glitter paper!

Supplies used: foam paper, construction paper, glitter paper, pipe cleaners, craft beads/jewels, felt

Handy tip: Don’t create hair out of only pipe cleaners, unless you’re going for dreadlocks. I wanted to give Bella a mousy, stringy-haired look (like she’d been out in the rain her whole life) but the pipe cleaners made her look more like Bob Marley, so I glued them on top of a piece of brown felt to not show the “dreads” so much.

Movie & TV inspired valentines

Trinity & Neo from The Matrix

I didn’t say “The Matrix films” because like most people, I try and forget the sequels ever happened. Yet when Neo and Trinity leapt, shot, kung-fu’ed and slow-mo’ed their way onto the screen in 1999, they became arguably the most bad-ass Sci-Fi couple in moviedom.

Supplies used: foam paper, construction paper, duct tape sheet, aluminum foil, glitter glue, hot glue, craft glue.

Handy tip: Create the “Matrix effect” by drawing light pencil lines every inch or so on a sheet of black construction paper. Trace over with green glitter glue, varying the lengths of the lines to give the “rain” effect. Let dry overnight.

One final note: I added the quotes for each of these on the computer, after taking photos of the valentines. But feel free to write yours directly on the front or back, using a Sharpie or other permanent marker.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Head over to Fandango Family to see the first batch (as well as printable templates and tips for creating each).

No date for Valentine’s Day? Stop by the Designer Daddy Facebook page and hang out for a while! I know that sounds kind of sad, so feel free to make other plans for afterwards.
Designer Daddy

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