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European Migrant Crisis Cost British Business £660million Last Year as Vital Trade Routes Ground to a Halt

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

You wonder what it will take for residents to say enough of this invasion.European migrant crisis cost British business £660million last year as vital trade routes ground to a halt Daily Mail: The European migrant crisis cost British businesses £660million in the last year after the huge influx of people ground vital trade routes to a halt, a report has found.

Lorry loads of vital cargo such as food and medical supplies had to be destroyed after desperate migrants climbed on board vehicles seeking a way into Britain.

Delays caused by border closures across Europe as countries struggled to deal with the influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants had a crippling effect on deliveries.

Experts warned that the huge cost of the crisis was leading to an increase in the cost of goods and said the problems could lead to an increase in the cost of living if not addressed.

The report, compiled by the British Standards institution (BSI), also warned that the continued flow of migrants will have a more severe effect on the British economy in coming years.

It found that delays at the Channel Tunnel in Calais due to strikes and attempts by migrants to cross enter Britain cost British cargo shippers £800,000 every day.

In another case, a shipment of pharmaceuticals worth nearly £2.6million had to be destroyed after a group of migrants ‘contaminated’ the shipment.

The report blamed border closures in countries such as Germany, Slovakia and Hungary for slowing the movement of goods across Europe and causing businesses to meet delivery deadlines.

The scale of the migrants crisis has left many European countries struggling to cope with the influx of people and the effect on trade.

France announced last week that it was to bring back passport checks on all its borders with the European Union.

Officials said the move was necessary to keep order as it hosts the COP21 United Nations Conference on Climate Change from the end of the month. It follows moves by other countries in the EU’s border-free Schengen Zone, including Germany, to reintroduce checks during the crisis.

BSI’s Jim Yarbrough said: ‘More so than any other economic bloc, Europe relies upon free trade. ‘Every shipment delayed, contaminated or destroyed, raises the cost to the end-consumer.

‘For exports this hurts competitiveness, undermines productivity and risks jobs; for imports it raises the cost of living for each and every citizen.’


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