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I rarely talk politics. I feel, however, that the current happenings in Ukraine, my Birthland, cannot go without a comment, especially since many of you have asked of my opinion on Euro-Maidan. 
And my opinion is : I do not support it. 
I know that many, if not all of the diaspora or otherwise transplants from Ukraine are of completely opposite opinion, and many of my readers are from the Ukraine themselves. But my opinion is mine, and here is why. 
I belong to the group of those few people that , standing on top of the bulldozer on the Maidan , were calling the revolutionists to stop and go about the change in a different way. The events of the night of November 30th are terrible. But the actions that followed on December 1st are even worse, in my opinion.  Cruelty and hatred are not the answers to the problem, have never been and never will be. I cried as I saw people running away from Maidan on the night on November 30th, and I cried more watching how "peaceful revolutionists" struck torches with fire into faces of riot police that did NOTHING but stood forming the line to protect the government they believe in.
Ever since the end of the November I have been following closely to the events and happenings on Maidan. Since December 1st I cannot sleep, eat or go about my day without constantly thinking, worrying and praying for those that are in Kiev right now. Although I call the United States my home at the moment, I am the only one in my family - close and extended - that have left the Ukraine. My mother, father, sister and other relatives, all live in Kiev right now, in the midst of it all, with no intentions to leave, and fearing for their future. As do I as well. The "peaceful revolution" is not peaceful at all, and - let's be honest - it's an oxymoron, and i do not believe that the two terms can co-exist. 
I also do not believe that forcible overthrow of the government - basing it on a bare fact that "we did not vote for him"  is an act of a true democratic action. I also do not believe that the opposition that is leading the revolution at the moment have anything good in store for the future of the Ukraine. I base my opinion on the facts of the reaction. On the actions that are performed against the government workers. On the hatred I received - hundreds of messages - when my opinion was expressed. I do not believe that actions based on nothing, but hate can lead to any happiness in the future. "Dear God, please bless us to kill the President" - a "prayer",  tweeted and re-tweeted hundreds of times by supporters of revolutionists is not something I wish to hear from those that will be building future for the next generation in the country.  And frankly , a "prayer" to "kill" do not combine in my mind as well. I am having difficulty understanding also how it is possible that one is planning a turn-over from the prison.
As I followed the events and actions for opposition towards the government and its workers, my heart bled. I am failing to see how a Sgt Smith, who is young , believes in his government and standing up to protect it, as he swore to do, is to pay the price for the action that another Sgt - acting on free will - performed? How is he, a son, a father and someone's husband, responsible to face on the chains , rocks, pepper spray, FIRE and bulldozer that "peaceful" revolutionists were using against him? 
How is it that Mrs Jane ,a secretary in one of the government offices, who is a young mom, possibly even a single mom, who has, say a 3 year old that stays in daycare while she works, is at fault for opposition's unhappiness and is unable to go home to her child because opposition occupied the surroundings and not letting anyone out of the building unless they resign from their job? Please, explain to me how is THAT a democracy, a loving action, peaceful revolution or a good start to a new future, because I am failing to see it.  As always, I will stay of the opinion that NOTHING that is received by force will bring happiness later. 
These recent events made me rethink much of the history. We have always been taught in school and otherwise, that revolutions are good and bring a new - understanding "better" - change into people's lives. I do not believe so anymore. I question every single one now. 
Experiencing this Ukrainian revolutionary action from the other side through the eyes of honest, respectable, kind and hardworking friends and loved ones, I do not see them or government as a threat to Ukrainian "freedom", a very popular term as of late, because they have never been one. If there is one thing that many are failing to see, it is a well-known and proven fact through the history that there is never a one perfect leader, and difference in thoughts and opinion does not indicate an enemy for as long as no lives are endangered.  My belief is simple : I believe in supporting your government and finding the best of it. During the last election in US the competition was tight, and it would be fair to say that a half of the population was not happy with the results, yet though expressing thoughts and opinions, they act as a civilized nation.
I also do not understand the strikes and meetings by diaspora, and even less so when it's publicized as
"support from around the world". Support in what way? And - more importantly - from WHO? The second generation immigrants that most of the time do not even speak the language anymore? Or vice versa - the immigrants, many times illigal - that do not speak the language of the country they live in, yet they are in no hurry to come back to the Ukraine they are so enthusiastically support, but from across the ocean? I have received countless messages from so-called "supporters", filled with hate and simply so disgraceful, it is not worth even mentioning, simply because I do not support the opposition, yet those are the people that talk so sweetly about "better future for youth and children". The children they care so much about that now will be left without the largest Christmas/New Year tree, a holiday tradition that always brought a piece of magic to the childhood. 
And something else. 
Last night many of the offices, banks , shops and simple houses have been marked with flyers saying "Danger! Party of Regionals supporter!" with continuing message to not shop, talk, do any business with any of the dwellers. The last people to act such a way were Nazi's towards the Jews. History has a full account of what happened. Are those the qualities one would like to see in a new leader for Ukraine? Because those are the qualities that will be engraved as the new fundamentals for the new government if this "peaceful revolution" continues to go on. 
There are always two sides to any story. Check thoroughly for the one that fits you best. But above all - stay human and don't forget God's teachings.

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