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Être Dans Son Assiette

By Danielleabroad @danielleabroad
The weekend before last, I went home to New York. It was my first "just because" visit, a getaway simply planned in order to fully enjoy family, friends, and fall. And it was delightful, truly. For the first time in a long time, I appreciated everything about my hometown. I also got along with my parents better than I ever have before, which I can only account to a culmination of maturity and therapy. Ahem.
être dans son assietteAnd this is all relevant because visiting Paris was not dissimilar. I saw the city with new eyes, and found myself deeply moved by the company of those who'd supported, mentored, and cared for me there. In one of the rare afternoons I spent alone, I retraced my old steps with a heightened consciousness, attempting to experience my new self in the familiar all over again. Talk about romanticizing saudade.
être dans son assietteêtre dans son assietteêtre dans son assietteêtre dans son assietteêtre dans son assietteIn all seriousness though, during those hours à moi même, I luxuriated in the specialness that is intimately knowing an imperfect place otherwise so superficially celebrated. It was a completely unique sentiment from that I feel for Los Angeles--a profound affection for an expansive metropolis too often misunderstood and criticized. What a privilege and a mindf*** to feel at home in New York, Paris, L.A.
être dans son assietteBack to Paris for a moment. That evening, after the MAM, I reconvened with Lorelei and Rachael at a new-to-us cave à vins in the 12th arrondissement. We replayed our hours (and months) apart over the pleasure that is wine, beer... and a cheese plate. Quelle horreur ! --because how defiantly American of us to have cheese as an appetizer. I'll admit it was my idea, and I ate most of it, and it was perfect.
être dans son assietteêtre dans son assietteêtre dans son assietteThree hours later, I sat at table with four desserts and an empty bottle of red wine. Mes parents françaises had come into Paris to dine with me--thereby bringing my gratitude levels to a dangerous high :). Patrick leaned over to ask how I was really doing in California. "I'm good," I responded, nearly brought to tears by his kindness. It's likely I'd needed all the challenges since I'd last seen him in order to be so.

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