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Etiquette Lesson: Servers Tipping Other Servers

By Marrissanicole @PsychServeLove

Nothing pisses me off more than receiving service that is intentionally careless. Those “co-workers” don’t just exist in my place of establishment, they exist everywhere. These people in the service industry truly make me want to set faces on fire (I’m still seeing a counselor about this one). 

Last week’s story is a prime example of people I believe to be “co-workers.” Getting a bunch of free food and then tipping less than 10% is beyond unacceptable in our industry. 

So here’s my belief system that might help you guide you in your near-future of tipping.

Bad service is bad service, but we are in the industry. I expect to tip well to every server, simply because I believe in tipping karma. 

You know you’ve been there: problems with the significant other bleeding into your work life, end of the night rush that just won’t go away, the 80-questions about the motherfucking-menu guest, etc. You’ve been to that point where you could just care less how much the table leaves you or if they complain, you just don’t want to be there anymore. 

Imagine when that table tips you well, how it makes you feel. That table understood that you’re human and the bad attitude and shitty service are really because there’s something greater going on. And if you ever see that person again, you bet they’re going to treat you a lot differently.

You’re giving that same honor to another table when you tip them through bad service.

I will say that if you return to this establishment and the awful service continues, discontinue visiting and tipping well after that. Because then you’re only encouraging bad behavior. 

I know that there are going to be strong oppositions to what I’ve said, and I don’t fucking care. We’re all only human. Don’t encourage the bad behavior, but certainly don’t act like you’re one to treat every guest perfectly.

That’s it for this week, kids.


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