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Essentials For My Work Space

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom

If you know me, you know organization is my jam. I love having things in order, and neat and clean. I am that person, who cannot focus on something, till she hasn't put everything in it's place. While it sounds obsessive, it actually increases my productivity. Surveys show the average person loses an hour a day to disorganization. I am not that average person. After a decade of being a 'working' member of the society, I sure know what I need daily, weekly and monthly at my desk.

Essentials For My Work Space

Computer - I work on a laptop, hence I do not require the traditional office set-up. It gives me the flexibility to move my work station (if need be).

Office Supplies - All my office supplies are kept together, right in front of me. So that when I am in the middle of a project, I do not have to get up and interrupt my train of thought, because the paper clips are in another drawer or box.

Stationary - I have a few pens, pencils, pad and sticky notes stack. I try and keep it to a bare minimum, making sure I do not over crowd my space ( theme of minimalism isn't just limited to clothing, y'all!)

Essentials For My Work Space

Personal Items - Since I work from my own home, I do not feel the need to have any pictures or frames. However, even when I did work in an office I didn't keep any personal things at work. That's just not my thing. We all have photos on our phones anyways!

Snacks & Mouth Fresheners - Last, but not the least the most important item at my work space ( I kid! not). I always have a few snacks on my desk which are easy to eat and store. Lately I am loving the new Extra®35-stick pack especially, for its durable and recycled packaging. It makes it convenient to keep it at the desk, in my car or bag. Right now I have two flavors on desk - Extra® Gum Spearmint & Extra® Gum Polar Ice®

You can find the new Extra® 35-stick pack at your near by Walgreens.

Essentials For My Work Space

Also, easy to find in the checkout line at Walgreens.

Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!

Essentials For My Work Space

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