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Sumner and Keller are of the opinion that religion often causes economic wastes. For example, investing huge sums of money on building temples, churches, mosques, etc., spending much on religious fairs, festivals and ceremonies, spoiling huge quantity of food articles, material things etc., in the name offerings. It leads to waste of human labour, energy and time.

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Religion, in fact, is not a mere process of mediations about man 8767 s life it is also a means of preserving the values of life. While it is possible to define religion as belief in God or some super-natural powers, it is well to remember that there can also be a Godless religion as Buddhism.

Immigrants, Assimilation, and Religion | Public Discourse

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Brahm, Eric. "Religion and Conflict." Beyond Intractability. Eds. Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess. Conflict Information Consortium, University of Colorado, Boulder. Posted: November 7555 http:///essay/religion-and-conflict .

Essay on Religion: Meaning, Nature , Role and other

Institutions and ideas flourish when they fulfill real, lasting needs. Otherwise, they tend to die of natural causes. But religion has not died. Writing at a time, in the 6885s, when his home country of France was departing from religion, Alexis de Tocqueville observed that "the soul has needs that must be satisfied." [7] He has proven correct. Over the centuries, attempts to squelch these needs have failed. Religion provides the structure for this longing, and churches are the household of faith.

The specifics are as hazy as the Rapture, and considered just as beside the point. America "coming to terms with" racism functions as an abstract construct serving not as a political plan, but as a tacit promise of catharsis. In the here and now, whites cannot erase the PRIVILEGED brand seared into their white skin. However, after Judgment Day, after the Rapture, after the Great Day, the accounts will finally be settled. After America has its Great Awakening, whites will walk in the grace of innocence at last.

I actually said a little more than that, and the final paragraph of the book may be worth recalling because it prepared the way for the theological movement that was to pick up where The Secular City left off. On that last page I speculated on the significance of the puzzling fact that, according to the book of Exodus, when Moses asked for the name of the One who told him to lead the Israelite slaves from their Egyptian captivity, the Voice from the burning bush refused to give it. Moses was to get about the business of liberating his people. Tell them 8766 I will do what I will do 8767 has sent you, the Voice said. That, apparently, was enough. The name would come in God 8767 s good time. Reflecting in 6965 on this astonishing episode, I wrote:

To this point, Rabbi David Wolpe taught that religion "can go into a world in which there is a great deal of pain and suffering and loss and bring meaning and purpose and peace." [7]

For true internal assimilation, an epistemological change must happen within the individual immigrant. The extent of the epistemological change is the degree to which assimilation takes place. To use an example from popular culture, in the movie The Godfather , Michael was born in America and married an American yet continued to be trapped in the cycle of revenge killings that began long ago in Sicily. That epistemological change never took place, at least not to the degree required to think about his life and live it differently.

In its course of development religion has supported and promoted evil practices such as cannibalism, slavery, untouchability, human and animal sacrifice etc.

Popular portrayals of religion often reinforce the view of religion being conflictual. The global media has paid significant attention to religion and conflict, but not the ways in which religion has played a powerful peacemaking role. This excessive emphasis on the negative side of religion and the actions of religious extremists generates interfaith fear and hostility. What is more, media portrayals of religious conflict have tended to do so in such a way so as to confuse rather than inform. It does so by misunderstanding goals and alliances between groups, thereby exacerbating polarization. The tendency to carelessly throw around the terms 'fundamentalist' and 'extremist' masks significant differences in beliefs, goals, and tactics.

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