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Escaping The Grief Of A Relationship Break-Up

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Hard Times

There are fewer more distressing periods which we go through in life than relationship break ups. Whether we have been married for a number of years and a relationship has merely fizzled to a conclusion amicably, or teenagers coming out of their first real experience of love, the events that lead to and go on during a relationship break down can shape the people we ultimately become.

Escaping The Grief Of A Relationship Break-Up

There are many things that people do by means of a coping mechanism when their relationships have broken down. There is a delicate balance between people and how they deal with different parts of the break up. While some people will take positive steps and be able to move on, others will find the experience wholly negative and find themselves plumbing the depths of despair.



A common reason given for smoking is that it relieves stress and anger, while also giving individuals time to think. These are all understandable given the circumstances of relationship break ups, however it is often done “on the fly” with little consideration for longer term health implications. Alternatively, you may see the end of a relationship the opportunity for a fresh start altogether, and look to quit smoking. The electric cigarette UK market provides a range of products for those looking for help quitting, or for an alternative to their tobacco smoking. Electric cigarettes give a nicotine fix without the other nasty chemicals being inhaled. Electric cigarettes in the UK are becoming more popular, and can help give you a focus away from your relationship woes.


Appearance Changes

Another common way to begin getting over a relationship break up is to go about changing your appearance. Whether it is through a whole new wardrobe to have you looking great at all times, a new hairstyle or even a rejuvenating weekend away at a health spa, there are many ways to make yourself feel better and begin the healing process.


New Hobbies

There is often an emptiness associated with relationship break ups, and new hobbies can be a great way to fill time, feel great and also begin meeting new people, particularly helpful if you had a lot of friends as a couple who you feel uncomfortable with now. Whether it is joining a club to pursue a long time passion, or stepping out of your comfort zone and looking for something new to do, there are many options available to help you get over your grief.


Relationships are hard to deal with, and can mentally affect some individuals. Smoking is one of the most popular choices for people to turn to after a break-up. If this is the case, let Jasper and Jasper show you an alternative in e-cigarettes rather than harming your health with tobacco products.

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