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Erte Paintings Eternal

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

Erte paintings eternalRoman Tirtoff, better known Erte, had a long and successful career that has transformed both the fashion industry of art, which for most culture of the time the original work, and fines of its popularity. Original art Erte experienced two distinct periods of great cultural recognition and popularity- in the 1920s with the introduction of its Art Deco style, after defining the generation that would go on and later in the 1960s, when Art deco revivals introduced that they have changed their previous aesthetic issue.
Erte first became famous in the 1920s and early 1930s for his work as a fashion designer. He designed more than 240 covers for Harper's Bazaar during his career working for them. Today, these covers are very collectable for fans similarly and art collector. Their covers an eye fashion design high quality aesthetics reflect and transmit Art Deco Erte who is credited with creation. Some of the most famous covers of Erte include the cover in June 1933 a tan, tall and slender woman resting on the beach in a swimsuit, and in November 1920, reporting a dancer with a skirt luxury red represented and yellow.

the most famous piece famous and original works of art Erte is his Symphony in Black. Description of a black lacquered thin woman dressed in the forefront of fashion and holding a dog leash, was Erte reproduces the original painting in various paintings, sculptures, engravings and from the moment it was created. This image is so iconic because of its artistic value lines and clean, and the kind of attitude before and the ability to capture the essence of time in which it was created. etchings and engravings of the image on the screen today are probably the artistic work of Erte Collection. A number of other paintings Erte also recognize highly collectible and famous for its originality, skill and ability to become the ideology of a generation.

While the major focus of Erte paintings of the female form, one of his most famous paintings highlights the waveform of water waves organic impressive sea. Even if it is a woman, she is out there or around and little work compared with the big waves themselves. Although this work on a woman is not focused and there is no representation of clothing, it remains Erte eye for fashion of the utmost importance. The table shows the same aesthetics as their mode of art deco and still has a way far ahead in the quality of this, even without the use of clothing. However, other paintings Erte focus on fashion as a main ingredient. famous works, including a queen, the woman and the devil, Aphrodite, thistle and flames of love to show the whole concept of fashion itself.
Equally famous painting are Erte Erte sculptures in bronze. These original bronze sculptures are most often a sensual and elegant female form, covered with nice clothes. Erte eye for detail and aesthetics of art deco fashion a role in defining its sculptor played. His original sculptures are often strange and extravagant quality, echo his fashion designer for stage and work for top fashion magazines early in his career was made. the famous Erte bronzes include queen of the night, one night in 1921, one afternoon in 1922, La Sirena, Venus, Woman Luxe, daydreams and moon.

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