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Erm, Why is This Year Moving So Stupidly fast?Note to All...

By Kelliciousxo @Kelliciousxo
Erm, why is this year moving so stupidly fast?Note to all...Erm, why is this year moving so stupidly fast?
Erm, why is this year moving so stupidly fast?Note to all...
Note to all Freshers in 2012: It's not just Freshers Week, it's a Freshers year. Make all the memories you can and live life like it's your last chance to!
This is already my last week of university, and the thought of the most incredible academic year of my life coming to an end makes me want to cry. Yes, I do have exams until the middle of May and my house contract lasts until June, but the likelihood of being around everyone at the same time after this week is quite low as we have exams here, there and everywhere and all want to spend time back home as there will be no more lectures and what-not. It feels like yesterday that I was blogging on here about my last minute UCAS Clearing stress and not being able to find a house! It scares me how quickly the time has gone and how much I've changed as a person. If you'd told me this time last year that my life would be like this, I would have just laughed.
Ok, onto the ~man issues~ I briefly mentioned t'other day. Remember the elusive Tom? Well, he's randomly gone back to his ex without any prior warning after our brief 5 month 'thing', sigh. Then another guy I used to date came back on the scene, told me had a girlfriend but then told me that he only said it to get rid of me because he didn't like me. Eugh, men and their ~ways~, hey? This month will be my men detox - which will be hard as I'll be in Coventry basically all month and spend a lot of the time at the club where Tom and I initially met, eep. His only contribution to the whole situation? 'Sorry things didn't go differently' erm, what does that even mean?
This time last year I was waxing lyrical about my birthday and telling anyone and everyone how many days were left until I turned 18. This year, I'm not as excited as I shall be turning 19, which for some reason seems like a huge leap...and it's confirmation that my teenage years are almost over *sob* I'm still going to have a proper night out and what-not but the excitement definitely doesn't match what I felt over what became my 3 week birthday!
So, April is going to be my little month of 're-adjustment', including the fact I'm gonna bust my slightly chubbier figure when I'm home...alcohol isn't good for your waist :( I hope you all have exciting plans for the Easter hols and avoid the April Showers ♥

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