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Eric & Sookie: TV’s Top 100 Moments on Xfinity

Posted on the 09 January 2012 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Eric & Sookie: TV’s Top 100 Moments on XfinityEric and Sookie made TV’s Top 100 Moments of 2011 on  Comcast’s Xfinity – not once – but twice!!

Where did they rank in the overall standings? Would you believe one of the scenes was at #6 and the other, was at #60? Which scenes were those?


This is what they said;

Every year television produces hits and misses, moments that we talk about around the water cooler or post about on Facebook, standout interviews, embarrassing segments, departures and returns. In other words, TV contains everything in life – marriage, children, comedy, drama, reality – what Zorba the Greek referred to as “the full catastrophe.” In many ways, a year in television is a perfect reflection of who we are as a culture and as individuals. That said, here are the 100 events from TV in 2011 that we chose to remember (or wish we could forget).

Eric & Sookie: TV’s Top 100 Moments on XfinityEric & Sookie: TV’s Top 100 Moments on Xfinity6. Sookie and Eric finally get together on “True Blood.” The Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis of the underworld make The Beast With Two Backs, and Team Eric fans everywhere score one for their side. There hasn’t been this much interest in the sex lives of creatures who wander the night since the most recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Woohoo!! We’re not surprised, because it’s Eric and Sookie making love! We’ve been looking forward to this since Season 1, FFS!

We do have one thing to complain about…they have the nerve to compare Eric and Sookie to the Kardashians…?? WTF?? Seriously??

Eric & Sookie: TV’s Top 100 Moments on Xfinity60. Eric kills Sookie’s fairy godmother on “True Blood.” Okay, so it shouldn’t be funny when anyone has the life literally sucked out of them by a vampire. But c’mon! Hearing Sookie scream, “You killed my fairy godmother!” and Eric shrug a “Sorry!” that sounded an awful lot like Rick Perry’s “Oops!”….well, that was the comic highlight of the True Blood season.

While this was certainly funny and Eric amused us with the look on his face when he apologized…I think most of us thought the after-effects (Eric being drunk from draining Claudine) was even funnier!

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