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Eric & Sookie Spoilers For Episode 3

Posted on the 01 July 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Hey Eric & Sookie Lovers!

We have some juicy spoilers to share with you, shared by someone who subscribes to the Dish Network – which has been running True Blood specials featuring these scenes described below!

If you don’t want to be spoiled, please don’t read beyond this warning!

Eric & Sookie Spoilers For Episode 3

These spoilers are too juicy to pass up! This is what was described…

- The first has Pam at Sookie’s house with Eric and Sookie, discussing Eric’s memory loss. Pam basically accuses Bill for Eric’s memory loss, claiming Bill must have set up Eric to go to the witches and have them mess with him. Sookie says it would have been because Bill is trying to protect her since Eric has tasted Sookie. Eric chimes in with “I have?”…and that’s the end of that scene.

-The next scene is hilarious…Yes, Eric kills Claudine. It shows Eric outside Sookie’s house and Claudine turns to fairy dust in his arms, seemingly after feeding from her, because Sookie yells “You just killed my Fairy Godmother!!!” and it’s hilarious!!! Eric nervously answers her with “…Sorry…” and he is pretty damn adorable when he says it.

- The last looks like Sookie and Eric are down in Eric’s little cubby he made for himself in her house. They’re discussing who the house belongs to, and Sookie says it’s his house, but she lives there. Eric then nervously asks if she is his. She says no, and he comes back with “Are you another vampire’s?” She says no. And then he hesitantly asks her if she wants to be his. She answers with, “Not really….”


As an added bonus…we have a video clip of what was shown on XfinityTV!

Click here to watch it! Sorry about the poor quality.

What do you think? Does this make you excited?

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