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Eric & Sookie Promos

Posted on the 21 June 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Hey Eric & Sookie Lovers!

True Blood HBO has released a couple of new promos featuring Eric & Sookie – among other cast members. Unfortunately, they’re not really in the same one, we’re sure you like them either way! 


We will only share with you the Eric & Sookie ones.

If you would like to watch all of them – the Sookieverseblog will be updating their post as they find them! They have Jessica’s up too.


First up…ERIC’S!

OMG, I think I need to watch that again. I love the way he says, “…his deepest desire and he always gets what he wants.” I think  I need to have a shower!

This makes me feel all giddy and happy!

Now for SOOKIE’S…

I’ll tell you what feeling you can’t shake, Sookie…the feeling of sexual desire and love for the Viking! Go back home and get that shower water started… 


What do you think of these promos? Oops, I almost typed, pornos – LMAO! Good thing I caught it! Yeah, my mind is already in the gutter from listening to Eric’s voice!


Comment below!

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