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Eric & Sookie: Beauty & The Beast

Posted on the 14 December 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Eric & Sookie: Beauty & The BeastOne of our favorite Eric & Sookie video makers is creating a series of Eric & Sookie videos based on Disney’s “Beauty & The Beast”! We’re pleased to tell you – we will be posting the videos on here for you to enjoy!

This is what Anaksunamen999 (the video editor) said about this series…

True Blood Eric & Sookie (Beauty & The Beast Part I) “Prologue”

Making of: One of my favorite films of all time is Disney’s “Beauty & the Beast” and all of the sudden I kept thinking about Eric and Sookie in a Beauty and the Beast like setting. Now granted, Eric is not entirely hideous as a vampire but he can be downright scary when wanting to take a bite out of somebody, yes? So I am going to try to do a sort of Beauty & the Beast series for our favorite Viking and Barmaid. So this series will be loosely based on Disney’s Beauty & The Beast.

For the first part I wanted to try to have the same magical atmosphere in the film that was beautifully and cleverly captured with the use of Stained glass windows.
Since I didn’t have any stained glass windows to use, I decided to go with nice looking location shots from the show to attempt to capture something else.

Also the songs I am going to use for this series may not all be from the Disney Soundtrack. I want to kind of see if I can fit in songs that play to The Beast as well as to Belle outside of the film.

Story: Oh that Eric! He is just encouragibly arrogant isn’t he? I am certainly not implying that Fiona Shaw is old or ugly first of all,The lovely actress is neither of these. Not by a long shot! But the shot works with the story and verse when she turns into Antonia. That shot of her face and what with season 4′s storyline. She just fits the part of the enchantress well. At 1:41 Pam just loves to mock magic doesn’t she? She puts her make up on in the glass of that mirror because she thinks it is great for that. So you all know the original B&B story. This is the start. Comment if you want to see the next part up before Christmas!! Enjoy!!

Watch the prologue of Beauty & The Beast below!

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Thanks so much, Anaksunamen for making this!

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