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Equinox Video Premiere - Mule Ft: Nat Lyon

Posted on the 06 December 2017 by Mike Lindley @fruitbatwalton

Equinox Video Premiere - Mule ft: Nat Lyon
We are delighted here on Ralph's Life to be premiering the video to accompany Mule, a track from the album It's Hard to Be Happy When Your Heart Is Full Of Sin by Equinox. Ralph reviewed the book a year ago almost to the day, followed by a feature on the album prior to its release earlier this year to a raft of critical acclaim.

The video for Mule sees the starkly disturbing spoken word of Equinox overlaid on an exquisitely simple soundscape by American musician Nat Lyon. This is reflected by the simplicity of the video with its snapshots of ordinary life overshadowed by the dark, introspective nature of the words.

Equinox Video Premiere - Mule ft: Nat Lyon
As an aside, the Equinox track was featured in an art project called The Museum Of Regret which exhibited in St Helens for two weeks and was the most requested of the Songs Of Regret to be replayed by visitors to the exhibition.
The track will be played on the Radio KC Indie Show, Sunday 17th December from 5-7pm so remember to tune in then when it will be playing on rkc.noip.me Internet Radio in 162 countries worldwide via 2 satellites.

Video edited by Ash Cooke


I sit here alone 

Alone, here I sit 

The silent phone 

My impenetrable wit 

My insufferable muse 

My existence forlorn 

I long to abuse 

my despicable form 

This stubborn old mule 

has nothing to give 

This wretched sad fool 

has no reason to live 

The New Year Eve time 

crawls beyond midnight 

My paranoia benign 

never gives up the fight 

Alone, here I sit 

I remain here alone 

To misery I commit 

In life’s game, a pawn.

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