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Epidural Steroid Injection... DONE!

By Dotchi Latham @DotchiLatham
My friend drove me to Kalispell through snow, ice and gusting winds in near whit out conditions to get me to my appointment for my epidural steroid injection (Aren't friends awesome!) on Monday.
I checked in at 10:15 a.m. and they took me to the back where they had comfy recliners for me and the other patients to chill in until it was time for poking and prodding. I sat there waiting and tried to doze off but my back was really hurting; which made that impossible.
When it was my turn to go back, I was expecting that it would be quick (15 minutes) and like the epidural I had with my kids, a little uncomfortable but okay. I was warned by a couple of people that it could hurt but that wasn't usual. So I was semi-prepared for whatever they were about to do to me.
I crawled up onto the table and laid on my stomach on a pillow (so my back would arch). I had my face down in a massage pillow looking thing. It was like a donut with a cover over it and I got to stare at the floor (and the nurses cool shoes!) for the rest of it. My arms were on these arm rests thingies and I was all ready to go. They hooked me up to a blood pressure cuff and an O2 monitor.
Next the nurse washed my back with iodine and then the doctor got all ready to go. They had an x-ray machine so they could exactly where they were placing the needle and tube and whatever else they wanted to check out with it.
Now, let me take a moment to remind you all, this is USUALLY painless. Uncomfortable, yes. Painful, not usually. Let me also remind you, I am not usual.
The doctor warned me that I would feel a sting. That was the numbing medicine going in. And the rest of it should have been just pressure... I wish. Instead, I was in such severe pain that I was sobbing and my blood pressure shot up to 160/113. It felt like the doctor was shoving a pick axe through my spine and pulling my leg muscles out the hole. It was the most horrendous pain I have ever felt. I would rather give birth to an elephant through my nostrils than do that again.
The part was quite interesting. While I was sobbing and dripping snot ropes on the floor, the doctor said he was injecting the meds (both the corticosteroid and the lidocaine). At that point... I have never been so aware of my left butt cheek and thigh. They felt like led appendages. I could sort of, kind of feel them but not really... and then the INTENSE burning! HOLY SHIT-BALLS! I thought I was in pain before... HA! This was horrible! I felt intense burning, sharp stabbing and I think I actually tasted my stomach that day. It subsided rather quickly once the tube was out.
The nurse then put pressure on my back to stop the bleeding (I had a tube shoved in there, it's gonna bleed!) and I finally begged her to quit touching my back. I couldn't take any more. I took a moment to calm down and then she helped me sit up and get into the wheel chair. they took me back to the recliner. I was so nauseous I thought I was going to redecorate the recovery room with a stomach acid rinse.
They gave me apple juice, applesauce and a cheese stick to eat and put a cool wet cloth on my forehead. The pain went back to about where it was when I first came in and my blood pressure went back to normal. My O2 was fine. My left butt cheek and leg were numb and I could barely move them. They said that was normal. Eventually they came back. My leg was heavy but I could feel it.
The doctors and nurses were so apologetic. They felt really bad because this reaction (the pain and all) is not normally how it goes. I was fine with it. I mean, if it helps, it'll be worth it. If not, then at least we tried... but dang! I am NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN! At least not without sedation first.
I am home now. The first day was awful. The best part was having all my help here. I wouldn't have survived without them. My legs kept going numb, I could barely walk at times and the pain meds they gave me knocked me out a lot. I projectile vomited that night and I felt like I was going die by the time I went to bed.
Yesterday was a little better. My legs started a new thing... they burn intensely, like they are on fire, for about a minute, then they go all tingly and numb-ish. Then it clears up. My crotch is numb as hell still and I have random moments of waves of "coolness" that starts in my back and runs down my entire bottom half of my body. Not that I mind that one, it's a nice change from Satan's inferno on my legs and crotch.
Today, my back still hurts but not as intensely. I didn't have to take any pain pills until about 11:00 a.m. I managed to do a little housework (I cleaned the kitchen table WOOHOO!) and that was about it. Now I am crocheting and blogging.
I'll keep updating as the week goes on. I figure this is supposed to be the turning point where it gets progressively better so I am excited. I am looking up! It better get better now! I didn't go through THAT for nothing!

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