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Epic Sharpie Fail

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
Well heeeeey there!  Its been a while, I know! I kinda fell off the blogging horse and have been having a tough time getting back up.  I wish I had a fantastic story, excuse or mid-life crisis to explain my absence but I don't.   Just life, work, kids... same old-same old... I've been posting on Insta because its a quick fix, but I miss you guys and it's just not quite the same. Anyway, I have tons to share with you guys, so let's just jump right in.  I feel like an epic fail is a great way to start because I don't want any of you making this mistake.
So back in the end of the summer I was working on the boys bathroom, contemplating wallpaper choices when one day I got a wild hair and went at the walls with a navy blue Sharpie.  Epic Sharpie Fail Dots........................... an endless sea of dots.   Epic Sharpie Fail It took all day, but I didn't care.  I was full of the "manic idea crazies" and it was going to be great! 
Epic Sharpie Fail And fun!
That was until I learned a horrifying fact. Sharpies BLEED, like "cut you" bleed. Epic Sharpie Fail  And cry tears of sadness. Epic Sharpie Fail  I had no idea.  I've never used them in a bathroom. It turns out they don't like moisture and steam. I should have used a paint pen. Epic Sharpie Fail So now ya know.  And I'm off to the drawing board again with this room.
Be back soon, I mean it.

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