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EP Review - Atom Tree - Tide of Thorns

Posted on the 10 October 2013 by Scottishfiction @scotfiction984
EP Review - Atom Tree - Tide of Thorns
Following in the wake of CHVRCHES, Atom Tree is the latest Scottish artist to produce some excellent electronica. Tide of Thorns EP is a refreshingly advanced and wonderfully developed for a debut.
Opener Die For Your Love deserves to be played through a cinema surround system as a soundtrack for a fast car car advertisement.  Open roads, wind in your hair, speeding down the track.  That kind of thing.  Don't let the lack of vocals fool you, it plays no major factor in the awesome sound. 
This is all thanks to the epic build up and construction of the instruments.  Desired Effect has a nice plinky plonky riff which works well as it’s simple and melodic.  It's a track that could be used in a soundtrack for an indie style rom com movie.
Tide of Thorns is best listened to after midnight.  As everyone’s thoughts get deeper as the night truly descends, then this is the essential track to listen to while you swither about your life choices.  Once you’ve done some re-evaluating, P.S is better than any lullaby to send you off to sleep.
Hopefully Atom Tree will edge out of the cloak of mysteriousness that enshrouds him.  Tide of Thorns is a solid effort and is better than most releases that are getting the attention that they shouldn’t really be receiving.  Considering the Facebook profile was only created June this year, following the name change from Atomic League, Atom Tree, a.k.a. Shaun Canning, is just a musical fetus really.  With a hell of a lot of potential.  I for once look forward to the development.
- Holly Callender 
Atom Tree - Tide of Thorns  is out on Hot Gem on 18th October.

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