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Envy: A Deadly Poison to the Heart

By Loveandgrace @loveandgrace20

Envy is a deadly poison.  I have had my days when I was green with envy.  Something that I wanted for myself was easily obtained by somebody else.  It seemed unfair, unkind, and often undeserving.  I was no one to judge, but that did not stop me.  Anybody else been there?  But thanks be to God for His forgiveness of my imperfect ways.

The energy spent on envy is energy well wasted.  It never brought me what I wanted and delayed what I needed.  Jealousy and envy are grievous darts that are aimed at our own soul.  If jealousy is disclosed and grows into action, it afflicts innocent bystanders.  Those innocent ones have what they have because God allowed it to be so.  Who are we to bark at the sovereignty of God?

Envy spills into the mind echoes of deception.  We are somehow convinced that we should have what they have.  We should be where they are.  We should be able to do what they do.  Then anger, bitterness, and confusion tears at our hearts when forced to come to terms that we are unable to get what they have attained.  God’s blessings in our own lives go without gratitude. 

The victims of envy are often unaware until blindsided by some unusual action of the envious one.  Through poisons of slander or snubbing, envy is boldly revealed.  After which, how does the victim recover from the inflictions?  How do they deal with the existence of a tainted association?  I am so thankful that God offers a remedy.  We can be still and know that He is God.  The battle is not yours.  Power and the battle belong to God.

Yet this does not leave those carrying envy in their hearts without hope for healing.  We have to acknowledge the detrimental works of envy.  The greatest damage is done to ourselves if we allow the grip of envy to choke out our love and security.  The deception is that we are not blessed as they are.  We have gifts and talents but envy blinds our eyes from seeing the best in ourselves.  We do not see our own grass growing and flourishing.  The truth of our worth is overshadowed by an unwavering focus on what is going on in someone else’s house.  Envy says their possession is better, I yearn for it to be mine, and I will not act appropriately unless I get it.

The remedy that worked for me and removed that wicked poison from my heart was to humbly submit to God’s sovereign will and pray for a heart of gratefulness.  We are to rejoice with them that rejoice and celebrate the blessings and success of our neighbor.  What God did for you is exciting to me.  My faith is increased by every testimony of the mighty works of God.  If we are tempted to entertain envy, we must stop quickly.  Do we really want others to fail?  Will your sickness make me well?  Will your poverty increase my wealth?  Will your marriage keep me single?  The answer is a resounding, no.  How ridiculous in fact it is to ask such things.  Envy is that twisted.

Be blessed my brothers and sisters.  Let us walk in the spirit and produce its fruit. 

Be content, grateful, satisfied, humble, and rejoice in the Lord always.

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