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Ensure Quality & Performance of Medical Packaging

Posted on the 25 July 2013 by Butterchicken @vivekkrishnan

Some products can’t just be placed in a box and sent to the local FedEx Office. Those that are medical, made of dangerous materials, or are scientific related, undergo special shipping regulation. They require specialized package testing. This is a process that involves the measurement of a certain characteristic or property of the packaging. It requires a testing of packaging materials used, shipping containers and unit processes. This testing is performed to ensure the safe transportation of these materials, prevent spillage, or contamination of the material into other products.

Medical products packaging testing usually requires controlled laboratory experiments and field testing. Because these substances are delicate, all testing also requires specialized documentation.

Who Performs this Packaging Testing Service?

Most medical or dangerous product manufacturers outsource their packaging testing needs. By doing so they increase their product logistics efficiency and their profitability. This type of service has several benefits, as it:

  • Increases the product customer confidence. They always get the product in optimal condition and in a time consistent way.
  • The package testing promotes a higher product quality, as it also improves the product life expectancy.
  • This also influences the amount of post sales service a company’s customer service department needs to offer, thereby further increasing product profit margins.

Bottom Line

Medical products package testing offers better package reliability for this type of product logistics. Once implemented, a manufacturer has fewer issues with the shipping and delivery of its finalized products, especially because all shipping regulations are always met efficiently and on time.

Ensure Quality & Performance of Medical Packaging

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