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Enjoy the Safety and Goodness of Tetra Pak Milk – Every Day!

By Hemapriya Natesan @MyLittleMoppet

March 21, 2017 Leave a Comment

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As you know by now, I get lots of queries from mothers all over, on various parenting topics. As you can imagine, most of them are regarding their kids’ nutrition. Of these, many queries are related to milk – when cow’s milk can be introduced, or how to get their fussy eaters to drink more milk. It’s pretty obvious that milk has a very important place in Indian homes. Come to think of it, we often start living in a new home by first boiling a pot of milk. Milk is also the main ingredient in nearly every traditional dessert – festive or not. So it’s only natural that we ensure that the milk we feed our families is of the best possible quality, which is why I rely purely on Tetra Pak milk, i.e. milk in Tetra Pak cartons.

tetra pak milk

What’s so special about milk in Tetra Pak cartons?

This is a common question that most moms have about Tetra Pak milk, and I admit I asked myself the same too! But it’s not really rocket science. The milk in Tetra Pak cartons is special because it’s UHT milk, which is ultra high treatment technology. This means that it’s heated at a higher temperature than regular pasteurized milk.

Have you wondered how on earth Tetra Pak milk can be stored outside the fridge? It’s because the UHT process destroys bacteria that spoils food. This way, the milk is safe in the carton and can be stored without refrigeration for 6months till opened. And if you’re wondering if the UHT process destroys the nutrients in milk – it doesn’t! It has the same amount of calories, protein and calcium as regular pasteurized milk.

It’s not just the milk, it’s the carton too!

tetra pak milk

While we know the benefits of UHT milk, how can we be sure that the milk stays fresh for its long shelf life? I did some research and found that the freshness is protected by not one or two, but six layers of packaging.

These six layers block out sunlight, air or germs, all of which can spoil the milk. It also prevents any kind of adulteration, keeping the milk pure and safe, without any need of preservatives. Tetra Pak cartons are also sturdy enough to withstand storage and transportation, so that our milk reaches us safe and secure.

Go a step beyond plain pasteurized milk with the safety and goodness of Tetra Pak milk and give your family a healthy drink - every day!

Why I’ve decided to go for Tetra Pak Milk

The first time I heard of Tetra Pak milk, I was a bit hesitant – after all, it’s not something we grew up with and we turned out fine! However, times have changed, and adulteration is an ugly reality of the modern world. And after looking at the benefits of Tetra Pak milk, I’m a convert.

While the safety aspect of Tetra Pak milk is my main reason for opting for it, there are other reasons too. With an unopened shelf life of 6 months, I don’t have to worry about ever running out of milk, I just stock up ahead.

Life is better

Tetra Pak has made my life 10 times easier on busy school mornings. For starters, it doesn’t need boiling, which is such a relief. My kids like the taste of Tetra Pak milk, and I find it creamier and smooth too. My little one, whom we call ‘cat’ because she smells her food first, also gave this a thumbs up. I love how easy it is to handle a sturdy Tetra Pak carton, which can stand on its own without spilling everywhere. As a mom, I have enough messes to tackle!

tetra pak milk

Another wonderful benefit of using Tetra Pak milk is that the cartons can be recycled. The Go Green campaign by the Tetra Pak company turns used cartons into useful objects for everyday life. It feels good to talk to the kids about this and set an example for them in sustainable living and recycling.

As moms, it’s our responsibility to keep our kids safe and provide them with healthy and nourishing food. Since milk is such a big part of kids’ diets, especially when they’re young, it is critical to ensure that they’re getting the safest and best quality available. With Tetra Pak milk, I know that what they’re getting is pure, unadulterated nourishment. This keeps me stress free, and the result is – a happier Mom!

Go a step beyond plain pasteurized milk with the safety and goodness of Tetra Pak milk and give your family a healthy drink - every day!

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