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Enjoy for Me

By Elunstroth @emgeorgia
One of my dearest friends LB is going to Italy tomorrow. To visit her twin and best friend while they are abroad for the semester! 
I could not be more jealous...well we should not be jealous in life,  so I am incredibly envious! I want to go back so badly!  enjoy for me I miss this gelato was highly recommended on a gelato tour.  note: the gelato sold on the street that is visible, is not made in the shop,  you want the stuff made in the shop! 
enjoy for me I miss this girl, Brannen, cool name right?  And the town of Burano that I am always raving about!  enjoy for me And most most most this man, Peter the love of my life!  He taught me everything I know about Renaissance art, and that people talking in museums  (when they are not him or us)  should be called "Barbarians"  He wore that outfit everyday I am not kidding, he is perfect and if I ever run into him again I will cry,  just as I did when we said goodbye. 
LB have the best time, we will miss you! 

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