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Empire State Building

By Vikasacharya

Empire State Building

Welcome to the world-famous Empire State Building. Located in the center of Midtown Manhattan, our 86th and 102nd floor observatories provide unforgettable 360° views of New York City and beyond. Whether you’re in town for a week or a day, no visit to NYC is complete without experiencing the top of the Empire State Building. A feat of true American accomplishment, the Empire State Building in New York City stands 1454 feet tall and is currently the 9th tallest building in the world and the 4th tallest freestanding structure in the Americas. This NY monument has 102 stories, and was the first building to every have more than 100 stories. The Empire State Building NYC was also named the 7th wonder of the world by the American Society of Civil Engineers. The 7th world wonder has attracted 120 million people to its New York observatories. That is nearly 3.6 million visitors a year! A cultural landmark as well as a New York landmark, the Empire State Building has been in more than 90 films, including North by Northwest, Annie Hall, and of course, King Kong.

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