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Empire Records – Rex Manning Day Playlist!

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

April 8 is now and always will be, Rex Manning Day!

Since the release of the beloved cult-classic Empire Records in 1995, we've been hooked on the ragtag group of loveable misfits and weirdos at the indie record store - and have celebrated the ups and downs in their lives on April 8, Rex Manning Day.

I love this movie. I always have. And a big part of that was the music. The soundtrack (which I was given as a birthday present on CD) and the music in the film introduced me to new artists and sounds and genres. It was a gateway to a wider musical universe. And along with Corey, AJ, Lucas, Gina, Mark, Debra, Joe, and even Warren, the music was a main character to me.

To celebrate Rex Manning Day, we went back and looked at a post from 2013, where we listed all of the songs on the movie's official soundtrack and that appeared in the film. This time, we listed them again, but we also built a full and (almost) complete playlist that you can listen to in celebration and nostalgia.

Unfortunately, there were some songs that aren't available on Spotify for the playlist. Those tracks are at the bottom of the list in this post, marked with an *.

However, there are two songs that I couldn't leave out of this post. So, before you get to the playlist, hit play and enjoy the movie version of Sugar High featuring Renée Zellweger and the classic, Say No More Mon Amour!

Coyote Shivers ft. Renée Zellweger - Sugar High

Rex Manning - Say No More Mon Amour

And now, the 2 and a half hour Empire Records, Rex Manning Day playlist. All for you!

The Empire Record - Rex Manning Day Playlist!

Empire Records – Rex Manning Day Playlist!

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