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Emma and the Apples – a Setter Story

By David13676 @dogspired

Emma and the Apples – a Setter StoryEmma, my rescue dog, sits on things, such as the paper from a package of meat that she just eaten off the counter. Then she looks at me as if to say, “What? I don’t know… I didn’t do it… How’d THAT get there?” She seems so innocent.

But I was onto her. At first, I didn’t believe she was that smart, that cunning. Not my sweet Emma. But then it happened again. And then again. Things would disappear and I’d find her sitting on top of the contraband object.

One day I heard a sound like a crinkling paper. It was a sure sign that there was something going on. It was coming from underneath Emma. She was giving me her same look, “What? I don’t know… I didn’t do it!”

I just said, “Emma, the game is up. I know you’re sitting on something. Hand it over.”

Thinking I was going to pull out an empty bag or piece of paper, (the usual stuff) from underneath her, I looked closer and what did I find? A hefty bag of cooking apples we had just brought in from the grocery store!

I would have loved to see Emma drag the bag of apples over to the couch, which was her usual destination for the ill-gotten booty. But all I could do this time was drop my jaw and marvel at her ingenuity. After all these years, she still feels like she has to “save up for a rainy day” when food comes into the house.

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