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Emeraldising!going Crazy for Emerald

By Shegotherown @AddyGotHerOwn
 photo 8fe42b92aa288d5a687521794f1e1cdb_zps3bac19f0.jpg
I love this color so much I wonder why I don't own a bunch of it in my closet.
After a lot of runway shows, campaigns, red carpet looks and also been declared as Pantone color of the year 2013.
Besides what is not to love right? I collected these pictures to share my love for this color with you all.
I am conventing anything emerald at the moment, I would fill my house with emerald items at the moment if I could.
I am so crazy I actually turn the color in a verb EMERALDISING! Thank you anglophones.
So are you into emerald as I am? If so enjoy and you might find a new thing to buy too.
 photo 958efd6d61d7967a71471ab80f71d9ba_zpse85ed654.jpgI always wanted a sarree , one in emerald will be awesome. I love the Indian culture. photo 4f26aa3bd6a9527ac4be43d7fbf121e4_zps46e2abca.jpg
 photo 1e62c6f6c092f19d228c52666fda60ae_zps918748a9.jpg
 photo 64d6cc46a63ea7a4170b83466211da43_zpsb2319140.jpg
 photo d406f4eaa5f0cd4ba9910dee5e7a8a5e_zps8be14a60.jpgStill on the search for an excellent emerald nail polish.
 photo c1c9688e634e4d3d981334795ac497481_zps0a0ac929.jpgHave a wonderful Tuesday and take good care.
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