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Email Subscriptions + Google Readers + GF Connect Followers {+ Feautured on the [email protected] Website}

By Aldy M. @AlDenteGourmet
Email Subscriptions + Google Readers + GF Connect Followers {+ feautured on the be@home website} Warm Milk with an Sprinkling of Cinnamon
I suppose you’re aware about Google Reader shutting down on July 1, 2013. If not you can find more information here. Yes, Google Reader will shut down their services. This is affecting a lot of bloggers already {including myself} !  This situation led me to put an end to Feedburner, and since feedburner is part of the Google services, I rather take action now, before is too late and everything becomes more complicated. But not only feedburner is part of google but is also the backing to RSS Readers! And I believe it is only a matter of time for feedburner to reaches its end too. However, I’m please to say that my RSS feed will be handled by Mailchimp now and not Feedburner. So, Mailchimp will be delivering my blog posts from now on! 
About Email Subscriptions;
For those of you who have subscribed to al dente gourmet via email, you don’t need to worry about re-entering your email or else. You will be receiving my next blog post via Mailchimp. Only the email design will have a different look {hopefully a much better look too :)} And to those who read this blog via Feed Readers, I invite you to subscribe by email instead, to receive my new blog posts delivered to your inbox! 

Google Friend Connect? Also I will be removing the GFC widget, since I’m having problems with this.So to those who follow this blog through GFC, add me on Google+ or you can subscribe via email and get my updates as soon as you see the new subscription box on this blog of mine!

These changes will take place in the next few days. So bear with me, please.

So if you have a blog and you didn’t know about google reader and its closure, please be sure to read this article posted by Google, share the news with others bloggers too and consider to update your feed URL before that happens!
Thank you for your support. And I hope you have a wonderful and colorful weekend!

Beside all this, Al Dente Gourmet has been featured on the [email protected] Website! A lovely site about home décor which features interior design, organizational ideas, and also cooking blogs and food related articles. I wanted to share this with you too. So click here to see more ! 

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