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Email Marketing Tips

Posted on the 28 February 2012 by Onqmarketing @onqmarketing

Guest Post by Dan -

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Running an effective e-mail marketing marketing campaign doesn’t have to be hard. The actual objective is to install normal email promotions into your own regular advertising routine like a useful add-on to achieve more clients using a much more individual method. This is exactly why we have provided the fundamentals to choosing email marketing software.

Provide a means for individuals to Opt-In

First point first, you have to setup a method to construct your own list of leads. Do not be concerned in the event that you’ve in no way gathered e-mail addresses before, here are a few suggestions which you might like to use in your own long term advertising initiatives:

Place the sign-up form in your web site home page along with a phrase such as, “Sign upward for the e-newsletter as well as get a discount inside your e-mail about 15% off your next purchase!” Make certain that you supply the prospective customer with the offer you guaranteed. Then you definitely will create a high-value list of subscribers. The simple method to remember in order to deliver which discount is actually to setup a good autoresponder which transmits this immediately once they indicate interest.

Include a contact form in your suggestions cards that individuals complete inside your shop or following dinner. Ensure that you point out that by entering their own e-mail that they’ll receive communications from you. You do not want these patrons to be surprised or even irritated because of your e-mail.

Collect e-mail addresses whenever you fulfill potential customers from industry events as well as business events. They are excellent social networking possibilities and e-mail marketing will help you strengthen the professional relationship.

Make a Schedule or Calendar

It is easy to succumb to email marketing paralysis, during which you are not sure what you should be sending or how often, so you opt to send nothing at all. This can destroy your email list! You don’t want your prospects to forget about your business because you took too long to send the next email. This is why you need a regular interval between messages and a plan for what content to send. If you own a restaurant or bar, maybe each Thursday you send an email about what is on your menu for the weekend or about what live entertainment you have planned for the week. And then you include a little incentive like, “Make a reservation for this weekend and receive a free dessert!” or, “Mention this email and receive the special ‘Chef’s Special Menu’ for our loyal customers only!”

Focus on a Clear Call to Action

Each of your messages should have one, and only one, call to action. Email is a brief chance to pique the interest of the reader, sometimes you only have the subject line to do this! If the subject does not grab them, they won’t even open your message. So keep it simple and appealing. Always have a goal for your messages. Whether that is to visit your website, buy a product, call you, or simply inform your users. Make sure you stick to that goal for the entirety of your message or you risk losing them to distraction, confusion, or disinterest.

Follow Up

Sometimes one email is not enough! Our internal data from hundreds of small businesses that use our conversion tracking shows that the average contact is emailed more than 5 times before they complete the goal the business was aiming for. Frequent emails are not a bad thing, they actually decrease complaints and opt-outs! It seems counter-intuitive, but frequent messages also increase click-throughs and conversions. Do not be afraid to remind your contacts that you are here and you offer something of value to them!

Provide an Easy Way to Opt-Out

Even the most successful email campaign has unsatisfied contacts or people who just no longer need your messages. This is a natural occurance in all campaigns, so do not worry that people want to opt-out. Think of it this way — for every person who successfully opts-out of your list, that is one person that is not hitting the ‘spam’ button or complaining to their ISP. You absolutely do not want complaints or unhappy customers, so provide them with a clear and straight-forward opt-out procedure to keep your list clean and high-quality!


Email Marketing Tips
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