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Elijah Wood Weekend – The Trust (2016)

By Newguy

Elijah Wood Weekend – The Trust (2016)Director: Alex Brewer, Ben Brewer

Writer: Alex Brewer, Ben Brewer (Screenplay)

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Elijah Wood, Sky Ferreira, Eric Heister, Alexandria Lee, Ethan Suplee

Plot: A pair of cops investigating a drug invasion stumble upon a mysterious bank vault.

There may be spoilers the rest of the review

Verdict: Hard to Get Through

Story: The Trust starts as we meet Los Vegas cops Stone (Cage) and Waters (Wood) who just get on with their jobs while living very different lives. When Stone uncovers something big going on with a drug transferring style he brings Waters into his investigation to what is going on.

Learning the truth, the pair decide to take advantage of the poor police working going on to try and open a bank vault with all the preparation that goes with it.

The Trust is a slow-moving heist movie that relies on Nicholas Cage being slightly crazy and Elijah Wood being very innocent looking, the problem is we get introduced to them the other way around only for them the flip reverse after the plan comes together. There is nothing really original in this story and by the end you find yourself happy it has ended.

As for the performances Cage and Wood do solid job together but the rest of the cast don’t get enough time to shine leaving u with little amount of characters to support through the film.

Overall: Slow and painful to get through crime thriller.


Elijah Wood Weekend – The Trust (2016)

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