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Elephantine Colossus: Brooklyn's Most Unusual Hotel

By Gerard @presurfer
Elephantine Colossus: Brooklyn's Most Unusual Hotelimage credit: unknown
The Elephantine Colossus, otherwise known as the Elephant Hotel, was a tourist attraction located on Coney Island that was built in the shape of an elephant. The hotel opened in 1885, a 12-storey pachyderm with 31 organ-themed guest rooms that faced the ocean and featured an observation deck and a cigar store in its leg.
An example of novelty architecture, the seven-story tall structure designed by James V. Lafferty stood above Surf Avenue and West 12th Street from 1885 until 1896, when it burnt down in a fire. During its lifespan, the thirty-one room building acted as a hotel, concert hall, and amusement bazaar.

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