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ELEnin, WKU, KCTCS and a Coronor

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
    The rain  today does not by any means put a damper on my day. Nice try. Eli woke up puking at 4 a.m..  Pulled out the big guns didn't you, Monday?!  He's in the bed recooperating. I'm sure he will be reeking havoc by lunch but, I don't care.
   The weekend was nothing spectacular. We are still on the lookout for this weird dude trying to rob people on this end of the county. It's been pretty consistent every night for several days/nights now. At first I was shook up by the idea of this fella on the loose but now I find myself just wishing he'd come to my door. I'm sick of this man turning our little area in chaos. Saturday night Danny left for work around 10pm and I went to bed. At 1130 the door knob rattled. Did I freeze in terror like I imagined I would? Nope! Grabbed my slugger and met the man at the door! Don't fret tho. It was Danny. He was confused on the date he was supposed to leave. This happens quite often but normally he isn't met at the door with a lime green baseball bat. I'm thinking he may call prior to coming home after dark again. At least until this idiot is caught. Personally I'd like to be the one to call coroner for him. I think one swift swing to the throat would do this jerk some good. 
    My brother has convinced me that the world as we know it will come to a end late this afternoon due to the comet/dwarf star ELEnin. I have been on high alert for 3 days. Making my plan. Cave, food, water, and a Pack n Play for Evyn. Can you imagine trying to keep up with a baby in a dark cave that has tunnels and passage ways twirling 100 different directions. Maybe a crate for Eli wouldn't hurt either. This may come off in a joking manner but with all the sites and information I've read I got to tell you.....if nothing happens I'll be happily surprised. Remind me to thank Brent at Thanksgiving for throwing me into a full blown anxiety attack for 3 straight days. Had it not been for a Xanax, bottle of wine and several shots of Jose yesterday I'd be sitting in my cave right this second. If day time television is interrupted today by breaking news expect me to be in the car and headed underground before they can finish "this is _ (insert name)_ in New York with breaking News"
    As you already know Football was a flop for Eli. We are now going to play kickball on a league for kids at the City Park. Zac will be able to play too. I'm crossing my fingers. He needs some fun before Winter sets in and the snow begins to fall. That is IF the Solar Flares don't kill us all first. (errrr...Brent!!)
   I am now a student at WKU but I'm thinking maybe I made a mistake and should have went to KCTCS the first two years. I really need the first couple years to be all online. I refuse to hire a sitter and leave my kids anywhere for any amount of time so I can do something I want to do.
  No Soaps today. I am heartbroken. What on earth will I treat myself too after all the housework is done and Evyn is napping?
   So, I have to ask..... does anyone alse not see all this ELEnin evidence and worry?

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