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Eleanor Lee Has Come a Long Way Having Lifesaving Open-Heart Surgery in India for VSD

By Allyson3james

Eleanor Lee Has Come a Long Way Having Lifesaving Open-Heart Surgery in India for VSD

At birth, Eleanor Lee appeared to be a healthy baby girl, but things changed drastically at her two-week doctor’s visit. Eleanor’s pediatrician in Canberra immediately referred his tiny patient to a pediatric cardiologist. Further testing concluded that she had a ventricular septal defect (VSD) – a large hole between the lower chambers of her heart. Eleanor has prescribed seven doses of three different medications each day, along with a high-calorie nutrition formula to help her gain weight. Doctors hoped that the whole (VSD) may shrink in size on its own, but Eleanor’s case the hole was too large.

Born 8 pounds and 9 ounces, Baby Eleanor over the months gained weight and maintained a healthy skin color. “The doctors back home recommended that we wait for around six months for the VSD to close, however after six months and no signs of improvement, Baby Eleanor’s primary cardiologist suggested we find treatment in India,” recalls Hannah, Eleanor’s mother. After discussions with the cardiologist and heart surgeon, Hannah, agreed that heart surgery was necessary to save Eleanor’s life.

It quickly became evident that Eleanor would need heart surgery to repair the hole and her heart’s rhythm. “We wanted the best treatment for my daughter and weren’t worried about the costs”, said Hannah, “we got in touch with Indian health guru consultant to help us find the best treatment.”  At this point, her diagnosis was excessively risky, and she would need on the spot specialized care. Their case manager came through for them by providing the family with the right treatment options for baby Eleanor at the ideal time. After a quick deliberation, Hannah decided to get baby Eleanor treated at one of the best pediatric cardiology hospitals in India a decision that may have potentially given Eleanor the best chance at life.

Lee’s arrived in India and was taken to the chosen hospital on arrival. “I thought I would lose her. I felt so helpless due to the fact there was not anything I should do however depend upon the knowledge of the medical doctors and simply trust them,” Hannah said. “They gave me all the hope I needed.” Fortunately, baby Eleanor was in the good hands of best cardiac surgeons in India would see to it that baby Eleanor received the best medical intervention possible being determined to see her through.

The words “open heart surgical operation” could make anyone fearful, particularly the parents of this kind of small patient. On the day of the operation, Hannah hoped for the best and prepared for the worst. “I was expecting one month of hell,” Hannah said. “It wasn’t that at all. We were so well received at the hospital and all the staff was kind and gentle with us. Just before the operation, the cardiac surgeon came to me and assured me that everything was going to be alright.”

Best Hospitals for ventricular septal defect surgery in India are home to one of India’s largest pediatric cardiovascular programs. The hospitals here cares for hundreds of children for a number of conditions ranging from mild to severe and performs countless surgeries, like the one that repaired Eleanor’s heart. Hannah was overwhelmingly surprised by not only the speed of recovery but also the amount of compassion and attentiveness they received. “They provided outstanding care,” Hannah said. “The medical staff was constantly by our bedside for if we needed anything.” The whole team of Indian health guru consultant has made significant contributions in my medical trip to India. In fact without them, I don’t think my daughter’s treatment would have been so fruitful.

Eleanor and her mother finally returned to Canberra and just a week after being home, baby Eleanor was already seeing considerable signs to improvement. Baby has a full life ahead of her. There are no restrictions on her activities. It’s unlikely she will need surgery again, but if she does, the Indian health guru consultant team will be here for her.

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