Either Way You Can't Have Her

Posted on the 13 January 2011 by Stoffbyrd
She started off being attracted to your wild side. You couldn't be tamed. Drinking. Other women are into you. Wild child. Smoking. You don't need anyone but your dog. She fell for you. And you fell for her, hard. Hooked on that female affection and kindness. Redemption. But she doesn't want to be with you now. She says you can't be trusted. That you are not a good role model for her young son. The wildness is now lack of responsibility. Your desire for freedom went from being sexy to being childish. Of course, she thought she could change you. And knows now that she can't. She wants you to go. Now! So you tell her you will change. After all, you want that affection. You need it . You will do anything for another shot at this. If you stay the wild rebel, you can't have her. But if you change into Mr. Responsible, you CAN have her, but she won't see you as the same dangerous man that she secretly wants to ravage her. The way you want her to see you. The way you need to be loved. Either way, you can't have her.

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